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Learn to use “mind control” to take charge of feelings. When you feel yourself becoming depressed, sad, impatient, addicted, angry, etc., simply change the channel. Switch your mind to the Positive Network. It is a choice that you can make.

When I say, “mind control,” most people think it has something to do with controlling the minds of others – like brain washing. This could be true to some extent, but our definition is based on techniques for controlling our own minds, not the minds of others.

Power comes from being able to control yourself and helping others to do the same. Still, a good coach is a motivational manipulator and will do his or her best to manipulate you toward your goals. My goal is to give you the tools needed to forge your own sports car, so you can stop your mind from hitchhiking.

What does this mean? Advertisers know the principles very well, and so should you. It means if you’re overweight because you eat too much chocolate cake, you don’t know how to control your mind, but the chocolate company sure does. They know exactly how to give pleasure to your taste buds and let the chocolate speak for itself. They talk of things you want to hear, such as:

“Chocolate cake is so good, you’d wish you had a birthday every day and when you sink your teeth into this moist, rich cake, you’ll be born again.”

They first talk of the cake, which is a flavorsome pleasure; next they talk of birthdays, which is another pleasurable association; third, they throw in being reborn, so those worried about turning 40 don’t link pain to the birthday and getting over that hill, they instead link a sense of pleasure and a long life. If they eat that cake, they will be “born again,” so to speak. A chocolate cake fountain of youth it’s not, but you will unconsciously crave the dessert and kill anyone who gets in your way to get it.

They use all the pleasure triggers to get you to buy, eat, and buy another one of their delicious cakes. Delicious or not, your goal is to avoid the cake, so you can lose some weight and lower your cholesterol. Willpower has run out; it usually does the first day or two after you decide to give up the chocolate cake. If you want to avoid the cake, you have to think as the advertisers think, and set up your own advertisement for not eating the cake. How do we do this? Your own commercial should contain the pain you’ll get from eating the cake and the pleasure you’ll get from not eating it. Why? Because that’s a technique for mind control.

When I lose ten pounds, I will look so good my mate will not be able to keep his/her hands off of me.”

If I eat that cake, my teeth will rot and fall out, I will be fat, and no one will want to be seen with me.”

The chocolate company will never show you a picture of someone with bad teeth, overweight, and alone. So it is up to you to paint that picture and hang it in your mind to replace the unrealistic (or downright false) one they are trying to implant.

To get over things quickly, we need mind control. Mind control is simply having control over your own mind: the ability to control your own emotions, your feelings, and your state of being. If a person is in the state of mind of depression, the body is going to adapt to that state of mind. So if we want to reach a specific state of mind, we need to change our body; because as soon as we change our body, it will immediately change the way we think. Try it!

The same thing is true with your mind; if you start thinking a specific way, your body is going to adapt to it. Look at the roof with a big smile on your face and attempt to get depressed without bringing your head down or changing your smile.

Some people ask, “Why am I depressed?” They can’t figure out why. They say, “I don’t know why I am depressed. I only thought about all the bad things in my life, and then I started crying.”

Sometimes you can say, “I have no control,” but in actuality you do. You just have to take responsibility and say, “I choose to be depressed today,” that’s realistic. But if you’re depressed and you say, “It’s because of this, or that,” you choose it to be represented that way. You choose to think about those negative thoughts and let them control your feelings. Granted, there will be inescapable situations in your life when you will feel bad due to a traumatic experience. But many times we simply choose to allow circumstances to dictate how we feel.

You can be sad (which is a decision) and eventually you will decide you no longer want to be sad (which is a decision) and then you move on. Wouldn’t it be nice to get over it more quickly? But be careful getting over things too quickly; your surrounding social environment may not agree with you.

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Watch television for an hour (only one!). Pay particular attention to the commercials. Try and figure out what kind of “mind control” message they are sending. How could you use that same method for controlling your own mind?

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