Work for Training Program

Have a Skill? Get a Discount for Your Live-In Martial Arts Training Program!

NinjaGym is looking for students who are willing to trade their skills and work for us to earn a discount! Get a 30% discount towards your program!

Martial Arts Training and Outdoor Adventure in California and Thailand

We are looking for someone who can devote time to complete assignments on the computer and earn a discount BEFORE attending the camp.

Types of Work

Your assignments require the skills listed below, but not limited to:

– Video editing skill
– Article writing skill (300-700 words)
– Promoting our programs on social media
– Web programming skill
– Web design skill
– Logo or brochure design skill

You will earn about $15-20 per hour and this is credited towards your discount.  You will not earn cash.

How to Sign Up

– Make a down payment of $500 and choose your program
– You will then be assigned various tasks. Email is the main way of communication.
– The balance payment must be paid at least 2 month before you arrive to the  camp.

More Info

Contact us if you would like to sign up. Send us a private message or fill out this form.


This position is not available for previous students, nor those who already signed up. We have the right to reject your work or ask you to edit them, if they do not meet our standard or are not delivered on a timely manner. We also reserve the right to cancel the discount for the reasons above.

If the assignments are not completed before the chosen phase, your beginning date may be delayed. Alternatively, you can choose to pay for the discount that has not been earned to maintain your arrival date previously scheduled.

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