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Being able to put yourself in an empowering state can enable you to break through the barriers of what you first thought impossible in spite of past results or limiting fears. It is believed that motivation alone can increase your results by 20%. Add some NRG to that and you will dramatically increase your chance for success. If your state is bad, it will be very difficult to have any motivation towards being positive. So the key would be to represent things in ways that put you in control of an empowered state that helps you to take action and generate the quality results you desire.

The difference between high achievers and low achievers is that high achievers are better able to put themselves into a positive mindset more often than the person who screams. Notice that I said, “more often.” Beware of anyone who is positive 100% of the time!

Imagine it is early morning; you are barefoot and still wearing your pajamas. You decide to get the morning paper (conveniently placed at the end of the driveway) and along the way, you step on a sharp stone, which sends a pain through your foot, and when the signal reaches your brain, you are not too happy.

Then the neighbor asks to borrow the paper when you’ve finished reading it. You scream the results of your new neurological state at this innocent victim, “Buy your own paper!” Without thinking about it, we go into an unpleasant/negative state through reaction based on our current mindset. This response can be positive or negative. If you had found a fifty dollar bill lying next to the newspaper, you would have been in a great state of mind as a result of an external occurrence.

Being in a great state of mind is not constant. And I don’t want you to fear success just because you can’t imagine being like so many of the high achievers in the world. That might seem daunting or unachievable. It isn’t, but you might initially think so.

Many people fail to even make a start on their success journey because they have convinced themselves the cards are stacked against them or that they could never be like the person they see on TV or read about in the paper. What you need to understand is that we are all human, and with that knowledge you will know that we all make mistakes. We are not perfect, even people at the very top of the field you are interested in. So YES you will see very successful people in the world who seem to have it all together. But more likely than not, there are many areas in their life where they struggle or have struggled. In fact, that very struggle may have been responsible for their success.

For example have you heard of these “do as I say” relationship experts?

Dr. Phil McGraw

Author of Love Smart

John Gray

Author of Men are from Mars Women are from Venus

Barbara DeAngelis

Author of How to Make Love All the Time

Anthony Robbins

Author of Unlimited Power

Each one is fairly successful in promoting and selling their experience and knowledge in relationship building. But what do they all have in common? Each of them has a failed marriage in their past. In fact, as irony would have it, John Gray and Barbara DeAngelis were once married. What else do they have in common? Each one took the lessons from their previous marriage or divorce and put them into their seminars and books. They learned and grew and benefitted from their failures. They did not just wake up one morning and decide to be relationship experts.

Did their failure stop them from pursuing their dreams and/or using that experience to create an even better one for the future? No. They fell forward and simply turned a past experience into a seed of equal or greater benefit. You can do the same.

The key is to be able to act in spite of these challenges, to be able to move forward even when you are being held back. To be able to do seven things right when you have done three things wrong. Realize that you do not have to be perfect and that your mistakes or past does not mean you will fail or be unable to create a positive future. In fact, it is really just the opposite – failure is the key to success.

There are negative people in the world and they will do their best to ignore your positive efforts while drawing attention to your errors. Part of facing your fears is having the courage to act in spite of these human mistakes. So let’s focus on being a success “more often” than not, and remember what Earl Nightingale shared in his teachings: “Success can be defined as the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.”

Notice that he said “progressive” and did not indicate overnight or instant success. Concentrate instead of steady forward progress, even if there is the occasional side or backward step.

There are days when you are in total control, at your best, and feel like you can take on the world and give Batman a run for his money. Then there are days when you can’t remember how to tie your shoelaces, much less go out and do something productive like walk straight.

Like myself, I’m sure there have been times in your life when a negative state brought on a behavior that allowed you to act or say things you later felt were ineffective, perhaps totally counter-productive, and you regretted it afterwards. Understanding this, we can also realize that sometimes people around us get into similar states of mind. If something happens to someone, he or she might be in a bad mood (negative state) and treat you differently than he or she would if that person was in a positive state.

The states we arrive at are the end results we desire in any goal. If you research your goal by asking yourself the same question: “Why do I want this or that?” over and over, you’ll eventually come down to one answer, a specific state of mind. People don’t want a black belt in the Martial Arts. It’s just a piece of cloth to wrap around your waist – you could buy an apron! People want what they think a black belt will give them, which is a certain state of mind.

Black belts want the state of confidence, success, and achievement.

They want all the things a black belt will give them to feel good. Think about it. What are the things that you want? Do you want money, houses, or cars? No! You may think you want those things, but what you really want is the ability to control and manage your feelings. Marketing experts understand this concept very well. If you are trying to sell someone a red sports car, you think about what purchasing that car will provide the buyer. Prestige? Ability to get to work faster? A younger image? A better sex life? What state of mind does this buyer want to reach?

The greatest gift of all is learning how to become wealthy in the mind – mentally rich. Man is constantly striving to change his state, using anything from drugs to rock and roll–Negative Reasons for Growth. Some work temporarily, and some don’t work at all. The good thing about using positive NRG is that we are in complete control. We can decide no matter what the situation, we will represent it in a way that empowers us instead of limiting us, creating a Neuro Reason for Growth.

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Can you think of a time when you were negative? How about a time when you were positive? How about a time when you were positive and then you became negative? Write them down and consider how you could live more consistently in a positive state.

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