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The 3 walls of a Mind-Body-Spirit connection form a stable triangle, representing the shape of success.

The triangle is the formation (as it has been for centuries) behind mind, body, and spirit principles for achieving your goals. The triangle is your focus. Inside it are your goals, dreams, and aspirations.

What we visualize is dependent upon what we focus on inside our triangle. Each side or wall of this triangle represents an area we can develop for goal achievement and personal balance. The left side is the mind, where all our knowledge and skills are born and reside.

The right side is the representation of the body and physical skills. The bottom, the platform or floor of the triangle, is the spirit of all that we are and strive to become; it represents both internal and external life.

It takes 3 to tango

These are also the walls of change. They are not fixed, permanent, or immovable. The walls are always there, but must constantly adapt if we are to grow. If one wall is removed, the others collapse. So we must have synergy and keep all three areas in balance. Let’s review what each of these walls has to offer and why they are important.


Are you aware of how powerful and important your mind is? You also may have heard a few of the following statements in the past:

  • Mind over matter
  • Healthy mind, healthy body
  • You are what you think you are

A true warrior is a strategist and a thinker; a person of strong intellect. To be intelligent, one must strive continuously throughout life to increase his or her knowledge and wisdom. We are never done learning. This philosophy is what separates a martial art from a Martial Science. Martial Art practitioners want results, and they get those results by learning what works and what does not.

Let’s visualize a college for the brain, a place where you would go to learn and improve your mind. We will call this school KUMA UNIVERSITY. The University has four buildings, each with its own area of focus that follows the acronym K.U.M.A.:

K nowledge – (skills-arts-facts)

U nderstanding – (science-foundation-clarity)

M ental arts – (visualization-meditation-success)

A ttitude – (confidence-discipline-optimism)


Our mind gives us the devotion to maintaining a fit and strong physical body. As a Martial Science practitioner you must also learn to control your body and treat it with respect. Remember, the body is the temple (home or dwelling place) of the mind. We execute exercises that increase strength; we exercise to improve energy for internal and external fitness. We also exercise proper eating habits that keep the temple of our souls (and mind) clean and free of toxins.

The body isn’t, however, limited to exercise and diet. How we use our bodies is equally as important. For example: how we breathe, stand, speak, and move are integral components for survival in today’s world. When your body is off balance you will not only feel lethargic, but your mental outlook will be hindered as well. Think of this imbalance as carrying a heavy weight in one hand, day after day. Your body would be off kilter, affecting mind and spirit as well.


I am speaking of life spirit; people (you included) and the great outdoors (universe included). Belief in something that unites you is also spirit. What gives us significance, also gives us spirit. Spirit is necessary for us to live daily with the inspiration and dedication it takes to fulfill our life’s desires. Spirit is the fuel of our dreams and goals. Without spirit, the mind and body cannot accomplish anything.

You may have heard of team spirit, a force that bonds people together for a similar purpose. You can also be spiritual and illustrate faith in something fuelled by your beliefs. Life spirit is an undivided part of our world and it is amidst the active energy of all things.

Winjitsu Exercise

Think about what you would study if you attended KUMA University. Make a list of the 4 acronyms listed on the previous page and write down your learning needs. For example, you might write:

Attitude: I must enroll in a class that focuses on positive thinking, as I am often convinced that I cannot be successful.

When you have the mind, body, and spirit all in balance, and only then, you are in focus and best able to support your needs or values. Now let’s talk about some specific strategies for each area of the triangle.

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