When I used to live in Holland, I remember seeing a quote somewhere on a poster that said:

Vandaag is de dag!

It means, “Today is the Day” in Dutch.

That was more than a decade ago but I have never forgotten it.

As we are headed into another year, you will be bombarded with NEW YEARS resolutions, motivation to go for it and hype to make you want to pee positivity, we will add to your list of to do’s with our Tew’s Tip of the day (maybe a Tew Do is more appropriate).

What I am going to ask is not for you to do something today and avoid procrastination (if you want to be an extra-mile individual you will do that anyway) but instead, I want you to adapt the concept (that Today is the Day) and allow it to be one of your life changing mantras.  A little voice in the back of your head and an internal shout that kicks off your new beginnings.

This means that you need to memorize it and (if you are crazy like me) add it to your Morning Meditation and start every day with:

“Today is the Day!”

You can even translate it into another language for fun. I still say in the back of my head, “Vandaag is de dag.”

So what is the day for?  It is for anything you want it to be but you are already making the statement to allow it to be true.

You don’t need to set a goal, you need to set a guarantee.  It will be.

So without taking up more of your day, take this simple statement and commit it to memory and allow it to permeate into your thoughts.

Rick Tew


About the Author RICK TEW

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