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If the views from the window of your life aren’t at their maximum, learn from the video game industry and ramp up the 3D’s: Details, Depth, and Description.

This lesson is going to focus on improving the quality of our thoughts using the 3D method of visualization. I am not talking about three-dimensional here. The 3D’s refer to the following:

  1. Details
  2. Depth
  3. Description

If an image is to have more powerful control, it needs to be more detailed in depth and descriptive. Just as an audience will leave the theatre if the picture is blurry or isn’t interesting, you will either leave the thought or depart for a better movie (or at least you should).

But as many of us know from experience, even if the movie makes you cry, if it has the 3Ds, it just might keep you glued to your seat. For instance, we might have an image of a certain picture; it has a certain size, shape, color, and intensity.

It is also important to know if the image is associated, meaning, are you seeing it through your own eyes, or is it disassociated, like you are watching a movie with you in it? Associated (through your own eyes) is more intense. This is why the video game industry does very well with first person shooters (FPS). FPS games give you the feeling that you are actually there from a first person perspective so it is more real to you. And it isn’t just the FPS games that are gearing up to add more of a 3D experience to your gaming.

The video game business is built on the concept of controlling your feelings (through the gift of a virtual experience) by giving you control of your gaming world and improving the quality of images; the gaming industry is plowing ahead. People are happy about this. The video game industry outsells the movie industry by billions. NPD Group, Inc. (leading global market research company) released that U.S. video game data for November 2007 was at $2.63 billion.

People want to change their mood (state of mind) and if video games (an adult market with the average age of gamers being 33 years) can make people happy, then they will sell like frappacinos. If you can share this experience with friends, you will be even more excited about playing. This is why games like World of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment), with more than 10 million players, tops the list for what is called an MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game). Blizzard is at the top of their competition when it comes to this type of entertainment. They not only provide amazing visual stimulation and growth through the development of a character, but you can talk with other people playing at the same time to offer social interaction and a competitive element.

Video games (an active experience) might be better than TV (a passive experience), but both are competing with spending time in the real world (a live experience). Video games, however, do keep the mind active and involved and many have found that this aids in their ability to think and react in other areas of their lives. I think this has more to do with the idea that a mind being in motion tends to stay in motion.

The point is, if life isn’t giving us the feelings we want, we need to up the 3D’s in our own minds (learning from the video game industry) as opposed to only having external distractions to give us the moods we want. And, if you are in control, the experience you do have via one screen or the other will be an even better one.

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Have you played a video game recently? What could you learn from the experience that will help you take control of your real life?

Now that we understand and have learned a few ways to change our state mentally (by changing how we view experiences), let’s see why we have these views in the first place.

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