How to visualize, prepare for an event, train mentally for the future and how to make the most of your mind with only a few minutes of time.

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Become a Two Minute Ninja by using the principle of “Seeing is Believing.”
AIM for success (Attract, Improve, Make) and employ CMT (Creative Mental Training) with these 4 easy steps: relax, imagine achieving your goal, see it from your own eyes, and add sensory detail

Let’s assume you want to take a moment out of your day to mentally work on the achievement of your goals. Before we go onto the most popular of mental training strategies, let’s try to get a little more detailed on what it is we want.

Knowing what you really want is often the biggest challenge people face when trying to add value to their lives. So let’s start by picking a specific area to focus on and determine how we can improve our strengths and eliminate weaknesses in that particular area.

We can do this by asking if our goal is to Attract, Improve, or Make something?

What is your aim?

I use AIM as an acronym:




For example, we may want to improve something which is based along the lines of mental rehearsal, recreation, and review. Or we might want to attract something into our lives which is more along the lines of seeing our futures now using projection and presupposing. And finally we might want to make something that doesn’t currently exist for us to create.

Here are a few examples:


A significant other

A new career

A financial opportunity




New skill


Write a book

Design a Web site

Build a car

Once you know your AIM, you can specifically tailor your Creative Mental Training time toward achieving this goal. You start off by creating a Brain Storm with your goal as the main topic. You then proceed to add subtopics. If your goal is attraction based, then include subtopic key word images that are based on how you would like things to be. Write down the ideal image. When you finish getting down all the information linked to this goal, you can begin to visualize the main topic and use the subtopics to add details.

Become a Two Minute Ninja

I call this technique the Two Minute Ninja. Because you take at least two minutes out to visualize. After a class in the Martial Science, a few minutes are spent to mentally review the physical training just received. This may seem like a cool down, but it is a great form of training. This is what Creative Mental Training is all about. We use the same technique before we begin a class by mentally rehearsing the areas we want to improve. With the help of your Brain Storm Sheet, you can review and rehearse your goals.

Seeing is Believing

Creative Mental Training principles are used on a regular basis to train top athletes. Whether the athlete is imagining the basketball going into the hoop perfectly (rehearse) or a swimmer is imagining he is the fastest fish (replacement) in the ocean, Creative Mental Training is what separates the winners from the losers. Before kicking a field goal, the kicker mentally pictures the ball sailing in a perfect arc between the goal posts. As he pictures it as a “done deal” his body will do its best to mimic the brain’s instructions.

It’s like putting on a costume and feeling invincible; the creative mental imagery helps dramatically. Let’s say that you are walking the streets and a ninja jumps out with a sword and is about to slice and dice. You will need to adopt some type of powerful mental attitude. Like that of a ferocious animal. Could you act like a fish? No, you’ll become sushi! What type of animal attitude could you adopt for an improved ability to survive? How about a tiger, bear, or lion? You can develop this animal attitude in your mind and think, “I am a tiger.” What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

You can solve problems, handle situations, and perfect strategies, all in the mind.

CMT is great to rehearse mentally by seeing yourself doing things right and everything going smoothly. Once you have learned something, you can then place it in the mind and improve it or review it. Martial Science practitioners can go home and review all the techniques, movements, and stances they’ve learned in class. They can create additional defensive strategies against punches, kicks, and so on, all in the mind. With CMT, you never stand in line just waiting. Use your waiting time for Creative Mental Training and AIM (attract, improve, or make).

Imagery is important in designing the life we truly want and desire. Try to imagine (in first person view) how life will look when it has reached the point for which you are questing. It might sound silly, but what you imagine very well might be the world that you create and/or are creating. So keep it positive. Be sure to remove all the “don’t wants” from your list. For example: saying, “I don’t want to work from nine to five” will only keep those negative images up front in your view, and you will imagine the very thing you don’t want to do (by thinking about working nine to five). So instead, you could say, “I want to work on my own time schedule.” or “I want a good paying job where I only work three hours a day.” Always put goals in positive terms to avoid reinforcing negative images.

Visualizing consists of imagining what it is you really want. The image must be vivid, colorful, detailed, and most importantly, live. In your imagination, you need to feel like you are in the experience. It has to be a first person view.

Winjitsu Work Out

Take “Two Minutes” now to AIM for a goal that is currently important to you. Picture yourself doing it in real time.

Much of the Tew Minute Ninja concept can be put to use with Mental Katas, coming up next.

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