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Being unaware is dangerous. Being aware but not training is equally dangerous. “The way is in the training,” as taught by Myamoto Musashi in the Book of Five Rings as one of his 9 principles for success.

You can actually improve your skill level in almost any subject through rigorous mental training. Your mind does not know the difference between what is a real experience or what is a made-up one. Use that to your best advantage.

Yes, I know that sounds rather ridiculous because you could respond with, “I most certainly do know what is real or what isn’t.” Well… there is YOU, which is the conscious easy to tap into part of your brain, and then there is an even more powerful YOU: your subconscious.

And believe it or not, you answer to the more powerful part of your Self. Actually, your conscious mind simply does what your subconscious is programmed to do. So really, you tell it what to do so as you live out your life your conscious self will follow the rules according to plan.

If you have programmed your subconscious to be negative, your everyday self will simply do as it is told–which is to be negative. You can consciously change your actions in the moment, but if you want these changes to be on auto pilot, you need to re-program the subconscious. CMT will do just that. But you need to train and frame the image we currently have.

A Warrior’s Story

Myamoto Musashi was one of Japan’s most renowned warriors. Born in 1584, by the age of 30 he had fought and won over 60 battles, most with a sword and many with a wooden oar. He was a samurai known to the Japanese as Kensai or sword saint. In a cave two weeks before his death in 1645, Musashi wrote the book Go Rin No Sho, or as read in English, “The Book of Five Rings”. It is a classical guide to strategy. The Book of Five Rings heads almost every martial arts library and is widely in use by entrepreneurs as a guide to better business practices.

In his book, Myamoto outlined nine principles he thought were important for success as a warrior of life. One of which was, “the way is in training.” Very often the path itself is the journey. And it cannot be argued enough that if a person is to be great in their field, they need to train.

Training is the Way

If you do something once, are you skilled at it? If you go to one self-defense seminar, are you now going to be able to defend yourself? No! Why not? Because it is not yet a conditioned response. How do we get it to that level? Through training.

Remember the four steps to making something a natural reaction?

Being unaware of a need

Awareness of the need

Conscious action

Automatic Response

First, we don’t know that we don’t know; we are unaware. So we have to become aware of that need in order to bring us to the second step–we know we don’t know and thus we have awareness. The third step is to think (be conscious of) and act. Over time we will develop the ability to act without thinking (subconscious behavior). Self-defense is not “technique one” and “technique two.” In a fight, you can’t say, “Um…. just a second, I am trying to remember the correct technique to defend against this type of attack.” It must become a natural reaction. But techniques alone don’t work. I can easily teach someone a technique against a punch, but it won’t be enough without training because techniques alone don’t win fights.

Power comes from concentration without having to concentrate. You start with training and learning the techniques and you master them until they become part of you. If I pick up a knife, learn technique 1, 2, 3, and work for hours with this weapon building what I call a “kenship” (ken being the blade), I would have worked with it so many times that it becomes an extension of me. I no longer have to think about it, any more than you have to stop and think about how to cut your steak. You just do it. At first it is a technique; but once you have trained hard, it becomes part of you. The information in this book requires training; reading it only brings awareness.

This is very important to accept in the martial arts and self-defense in general. This is especially true in combat. When someone decides to throw a punch at your face, you have to act. There isn’t time to dig through your collection of possible defenses. Your body has to be trained to move. It has to think without thinking and choose a course of action based on the movements you have done in the past.

If you want to be good at something, start now; don’t wait until your situation is perfect to begin. It will rarely be perfect. A little training is better than none and helps build your self-confidence.

Winjitsu Work Out

What did you learn in this article? Review your current attitudes toward the rigors of training and determine whether you have the “right stuff” and a sufficient commitment for making your regimen as effective as possible.

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