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Remember the formula: WE2. Water and Earth, Wind and Exercise in liberal quantities will keep you healthy, energized, and focused.

Prior to taking on what I call “the hyper hydro diet,” I followed a rather healthy eating strategy focused mainly on the 75% rule, which means I tried to eat healthy at least 75% of the time.

I have always had an abundance of energy. However, most of this is mental energy and self-power is more often than not, based on my passion and purpose. But the biggest change I have noticed since increasing liquids in my diet was my sudden ability to just wake up in the wee hours of the morning.

I have always been known to get up early, but I got up through mental motivation; the desire to get on with the day and accomplish some goals or finish some projects. That was always the fuel to get me out of bed. Whenever I increase my intake of water, I improve my ability to just wake up, eyes open and ready to go. Not because the alarm went off, but because my body is ready to attack the day.

Imagine if you woke up one to two hours earlier every morning. What could you do with all that time? Waking up two hours earlier than normal each day will give you about one whole extra month each year. Imagine that: a whole month! That can be as much as an extra five years in your lifetime. Friends, family, and students have always wondered how I could get up so early and stay so energized. And once again, I will say the same thing; eat right, think right. It is all about attitude and (yes!) lemon juice.

When life gives you lemons, get alkalized – make lemonade

When people asked me for the quick fix for energy, I used to say, “attitude and apples,” but now I have changed that to “think and drink.” Thinking keeps the brain in motion and hydration feeds the body what it needs most – water. Since apples aren’t quite as healthy as they used to be, we need some replacements.

A gallon of water a day keeps the doctor away.

With increased hydration alone, you should notice a significant difference in your energy level. Drink at least three 8 oz. glasses of water with lemon or lime per day (lemons and limes helps to alkalize the body). Now, I say, “at least three glasses per day,” but you should actually drink more like nine a day. This also aids cleansing and helps remove excess acid. Just squeeze some lemon or lime juice into a liter of distilled water and drink away. It takes about 20 parts alkalinity to remove one part acid. So you can see the importance to alkalize on a regular basis.

It is important to note that a food’s acid state outside the body does not determine the actual pH of the food itself. For example, lemons and limes are very acidic, but, after digestion and assimilation in the body, they become very alkaline.

Spring in your step cleaning.

Your body collects toxins and waste just as your house collects dust and dust mites. We have to get the vacuum out and clean up your internal house on a regular basis. This is done by increasing the amount of water we drink and improving the air we breathe. Deep breaths are great for cleaning up our system.

One simple strategy for a healthy lifestyle is to remember WE2. Water and Earth, Wind and Exercise. Earth elements would be vegetables and herbs, so don’t start adding dirt to your diet. And Wind is the act of deep breathing. I have discovered that the best way to do this is to have these items near us at all times.

Here is an example that made sense to me:

Your arteries are lined with cholesterol to keep the acid from burning through them. The more acid, the more your arteries need protection and so the more cholesterol you will have. If you remove the acid, you remove the need to clog your arteries with excess cholesterol. Your body isn’t having problems with just your arteries, it’s the acid.

Also note that when you drink vegetable juice, it is best to drink it as fresh as possible.

Juice from a can was heated (the process of pasteurization) in order for it to be contained; thus it is not fresh and lacks necessary nutrients. Fresh juice needs to be consumed relatively soon after making it. Vegetable juice is a good choice with meals since other beverages (soda, beer, etc.) can hinder the digestive process. Wheatgrass is the perfect juice to kick-start your day. Remember to chew (for about 20 seconds) your juices to activate the salivary glands before swallowing.

If you must drink a beverage with a meal, try sipping only when you are thirsty and make water your beverage of choice. Remember, you can add lemon or lime juice to your water to improve the taste and this will also make it more alkalizing and healthier for you. If you Alkalize, you will help to Energize.

Also, just as not all vegetable juice is the same, not all water is the same. Be sure to avoid TAP water and get healthy bottled water, or install a quality multi-stage water filter that eliminates the maximum amount of toxins while keeping the trace minerals in. My favorite store bought beverage is called Penta. Do your research to learn more about water. Also, consider the water you shower in too. Whatever you put on your skin is also what you are feeding to your body.

Water, water, everywhere . . .

There you have it, as simple as it gets. Go ahead and take responsibility. Ease into any changes you make in your diet, but stick with it for at least a month to truly notice the changes in your energy.

Can you still perform at a peak level if you had ice cream the night before? Although I believe in a healthy diet, I also believe that the way you mentally digest your foods (yes, mentally) has a direct effect on your level of energy. Again, more power of belief. I still believe the mind is the best source of energy and that it has the power to improve our diet and the way foods are used in the body.

I often give very long seminars and demonstrations in the martial arts. My students can attest that I move a lot when I give seminars. I am doing flips, techniques, rolls, falls, punches, kicks, talking-talking-talking, and I am still the last person standing. Follow the regimens shared here for a similar result.

I remember a martial arts seminar I was giving in the Netherlands. It was a 12-hour intensive martial arts course. I really wanted to offer people a chance to learn as much as possible in one day, and to give them a very valuable 12-hour seminar at a 2-hour price. My plan was to cram everything I possibly could introduce into that one day.


About 60 students showed up. By about hour-six of the day, I was down to eight students! This wasn’t a typical martial arts class where the instructor stands around and lets the students do all the push-ups. When I have the students doing push-ups, I am the one leading them through the exercise. I am just so passionate about teaching that I seem to have an unlimited amount of energy. I can stay focused and energized all day on just water alone. Is it magic water? Nope. I just have a mental view of things and my beliefs support these views. If I believe that I will not have any energy to perform if I only have water, then I certainly will not perform up to par.

I believe we can do much more than we give ourselves credit for. And if you are living your life on purpose and feeding your brain the right type of foods, then you too will seem to have unlimited amounts of energy and still be gung ho the next day.

Remember, your body must use energy to digest the food you eat, a lot of energy. The same is true with the mind. If you feed your brain the wrong type of (negative) beliefs or put your mind in an acidic environment, it is going to be quickly drained of energy. So if you don’t mind the pun – stay liquid.

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Think about how you can incorporate more water into your daily diet. Purchase some fresh lemons and/or limes today to bring your water to a high level of alkalinity. Request them when dining out.

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