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Your brain and what it knows about you is in charge (the Big Boss). You cannot fool the boss, but you can change his opinion.

Many people show up to my camps to be a Ninja or what we call a “Total Warrior.” Our program teaches many facets of the martial arts.

We teach weapons, rolling, falling, strikes, kicks, stretching, gymnastics, grappling, full contact combat, stealth, and more, all of this while combining outdoor adventure and the ability to survive. Most students show up confident that they can succeed in my intensive training programs.

I believe that they can too, but I know what’s ahead and that they are in for some difficult challenges. I prepare for the worst, but expect the best of each and every student. That is a good strategy for facing all of life’s challenges: Expect the best, but be prepared for the worst!

There is a deeper part of our self, hidden within us, that makes the decision whether we will fight or take flight. One major factor that determines if we will be able to fulfill our quest is what I call the Big Boss – our brain. Our brain is in charge and your self-image is going to determine whether or not the Big Boss will approve continuous focus on the selected goal.

Imagine an employer, a boss, looking for a Ninja for his company. When you apply for this job, you are submitting your resume. But for the brain, you are submitting what I call your Self-Image-Resume. If your resume does not match up with the job requirements, you will not get hired. If somehow your impulse speech got you into the door without full review of your resume (and you lack the skills required for the job) you will eventually get fired. The Big Boss (your brain) will tell you to get the heck out of there (run); you can’t handle this situation. You are not qualified for this job. Scram!

Your goal is the job – being able to handle the situation with no need to flee. Any goal you decide to embark on has to meet the needs and requirements of the Big Boss. Your Self-Image-Resume must offer a realistic reason for you to be able to accomplish this goal. So, when you set a new goal, you either need to ensure your Self-Image-Resume is congruent (your skills match the job requirements) or you need to work on making it congruent. You can accomplish this by mentally re-engineering the way you view yourself in this regard. It truly is a “believe it when you see it” process. I go into more detail on creating your Self-Image-Resume in Book 5 – CMT, lesson 90.

Remember, this is all about motivation. You can easily set a goal on Monday that will get you motivated to run to the drawing board. However, if your goal is not congruent with your resume, come next Monday you will be out of fuel.

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Think about your goals as a job application. How will the boss view your resume and qualifications for the job? Make a list of your goals (or refer to your previous list) and write down your qualifications for reaching those goals. What do you need to do to convince the boss to give you the job of achieving them?

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I will do the splits for you too. I provide edutainment events that help you to be a Ninja in what you do. I offer Martial Arts Therapy Retreats on Samui Island in Thailand. My unique Winjitsu Mind-Body system of coaching inspires you to BE more fulfilled and to DO more to KickStart your ideas.

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