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Choose route one, two, or three to solve your stress related problems, or climb on the super highway and take all three lanes.

Each area of MBS is very important; however, if you combine these areas together, you will have a much stronger strategy.

Let’s say that you’re so stressed you’re about to explode. We are talking about bad pulse-pounding stress. So you decide to seek help from a professional. You go to one doctor, and he or she explains that you might want to try some mental exercises to relieve stress. Can you think of some?

How about a meditation where you visualize yourself going to the beach, lying down, and picturing the sun on your legs, feeling the warmth as it continues across your body? This is an excellent relaxation technique, and it can be done mentally. There are many forms of mental relaxation. This effective method is called P.M.R., Progressive Mental Relaxation, and it is very effective in relieving stress.

Perhaps you go to another doctor who says you need to study the martial arts. He or she explains that you need to get some exercise because exercise is good, and it’s going to release all that stress you have. If punching and kicking is not your thing, then go jogging, swimming, or biking. But get some exercise. Does this work? Yes, physical exercise releases tension.

You can also do another type of P.M.R., which is Progressive Muscle Relaxation. This is where you tense and relax each muscle one by one, working from toe to head.

Maybe you want to seek out an alternative method of stress relief. You might go to a third doctor who will tell you you’re lacking in spirit. You’re overstressed because you don’t have direction in your life, don’t know your genuine purpose, and don’t feel in control. Lack of control can often cause one to feel anxiety and stress. You need to have a strong reason that drives you, and at the same time it will relieve stress. In addition, your environment might be a problem if it is not conducive to relaxation.

So we have three different ways to relieve stress:

  1. Mentally
  2. Physically
  3. Spiritually

This is your mind, body, and spirit solution, or what I call MBS. Which one is the best to use? Certainly you could pick the one that is most appropriate, or you could pick the one most out of balance, or you could choose to combine all three, which is called “synergy.” Think of it as a 3-pronged solution, like a fork with 3 tines, all working together to bring sustenance to your body.

Winjitsu Work Out

Write down the primary (there may be more than one) source of your stress (i.e. – job, school, peer pressure, relationships). Make a list of the three prongs of the fork and using the examples as a guide, write down how you think you might best solve your stress problems. Would a synergistic approach work for you?

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