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Incorporate plenty of fresh air and natural landscapes into your daily life. You will find that only in nature can you feed the spirit and inspire yourself to seek and achieve a better life.

Now that we have some mental and physical strategies to help us perform better, we must create some spiritual strategies. Let’s start by either getting some friends to train with us or becoming good friends with those we train or teach.

Friends will help support and motivate us for training and attending class. They can also assist in learning and answering questions. Sometimes the best method of learning is to teach. You may also help others with their challenges; this will develop your skills at the same time.

This is a training concept I implement in my training camps and programs.

Learn, Teach, Grow

Students begin teaching, leading, and sharing right away. This type of learning is similar to hammering a nail into a piece of wood. The first time you learn something new is like setting the nail in place and giving it a good first strike. If you teach what you have learned to other people, it will be like hammering that nail again and again to really ingrain and solidify the information into your own brain. Not only are you going to be more experienced, but your level of confidence and your skills in management will improve dramatically.

Among other things, you will learn how to communicate effectively with others who may have experienced a different level or style of education. You will learn that not everyone learns the same way: some learn visually, some through listening, and some by doing. You may even be forced to communicate in a different language altogether.

The next step is to associate your true feelings with your training. Look into the future and visualize the true benefits you will receive by training hard and expanding your knowledge. See how much you will grow and who you will become. Keep this image fresh in your mind and review it daily.

Visualize this thing that you want, see it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blue print and begin to build.” Robert Collier

It is up to you to find your weaknesses, write them down, and begin taking steps toward improvement.

Another great way to improve our spirit is to gather up your friends and head for the outdoors.

Embrace nature

A while back in Europe, I was with a group of about 600 people helping a friend with one of his holistic week-long retreats. At one point in the evening it was decided that everyone would go outside to hug a tree. I know this sounds a bit extreme, and if you haven’t done it, it you will certainly raise an eyebrow or two. And I am not asking you to start hugging trees as a way to keep your spirit in balance; but try it once or twice, and you might get an understanding of why so many people want to be Druids. In any case, all of us marched out to the forest that was next to the complex we were using for the program. It was dark and we were quiet so we didn’t have to worry about what other people thought or how we looked.

There were enough trees for everyone to spread out and find one just right for themselves. It was hard to see, but after a minute or two our eyes adjusted enough to find our very own tree. The mission (and to many of us, the challenge) was to hug a tree for more than a minute. But after about 30 seconds or so I could hear a voice coming from my right side and I noticed a flashlight moving around. And then it happened. There was a loud click and suddenly we were all under the spotlight, no longer cloaked in the darkness. A security guard had heard the noise, so he was naturally “freaking” out after hearing hundreds of footsteps and whispers in the forest. He rushed to turn on nightlights attached to the trees close to the facility. To his amazement and our embarrassment, he witnessed a rather large audience of people standing in the forest hugging trees. I share this anecdote with you to emphasize the importance of being open to new ideas and concepts. Nothing is too “out there” for me to try in my constant quest for a higher spiritual plane.

Put more life in your life

I also suggest you hug a rock and try some sport climbing, mountain biking, or hiking. Feel the wind in your hair, the sun on your back, and listen to the live creatures that are everywhere if you tune in to their sounds.

Even lunch in the park will do the trick; anything that gets you into the real LIVE world with fresh air and plants, and out of the dead BOXES in which we typically spend our lives. What boxes, you ask? Here is a small list:

  • Your bed
  • Your house
  • Your car
  • Your office
  • Your lunch room

So once you have some people involved in your life who share a similar path, consider what the other half (your universe) has to offer. I have learned to appreciate and grasp the power of the outdoors, which is why all my training camps include a great adventure as well as topnotch martial arts training. This is one of the reasons California is a prime location for our programs. I chose to focus near Yosemite National Park because it offers an abundance of natural elements, topography, and scenery. But we also travel throughout the States to get a variety of outdoor experiences including beaches, deserts, lakes, and rivers.

And I don’t limit the adventure to the contiguous United States. We have programs in Thailand and we often visit other countries that appeal to our sense of adventure and quench our passion for the outdoors. New Zealand is another one of my favorite places to truly soak in the amazing world around us.

Ask a student who has been around my programs for a year or two and you will very often find a person who has traveled more in the short time on my programs than he or she has in the previous five years, and often in their entire life. It is only because we focus and direct our thoughts towards the objective of getting out. The best Spirit strategy I can offer, is one that will bring you closer to the outdoors. AND, this isn’t always referring to nature as much as it is getting out from behind the closed doors that trap you into a box. One can get an amazing experience in the city, if they simply leave the rooms behind. So the outdoors can also mean, “out from behind closed doors.”

So open a window to let the fresh air in and open a door to let a fresh new you – OUT.

Keep your sense of proportion by regularly, preferably daily, visiting the natural world.”

– Catlin Matthews

Winjitsu Work Out

Get up right now, close this book, and walk outside. Take special note of all you see. What color is the sky? How many plants and trees can you identify? Think about how you can begin to plan your day by incorporating more time outdoors.

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