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Come to beautiful Ko Samui in Thailand for an Intensive Modern Ninjitsu Multi-Martial Arts Experience!

This Ninja-MMA Beach Retreat Program is for students that want to invest time each day into learning multiple martial art skills (mental, physical, strikes, kicks, weapons, self-defense, stances, rolls, falls, etc), and have the option to practice and train in grappling and full-contact sparring (commonly known as mixed martial arts). Founded on the principles of Modern American Ninjitsu as taught by Rick Tew, students will get a complete course in mind, body, and spirit.

The Program is designed to work for students of all levels of martial arts experience. From highly motivated beginners to highly dedicated advanced students.

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This program is for anyone looking to dive into the martial arts and take the time to practice daily in order to master the training provided each week by Master Instructor Rick Tew or appointed Instructor.


The Ninja of Ninja-MMA represents the Modern American Ninjitsu system that we teach. If you love the martial arts or if you have always wanted to learn the martial arts, Rick Tew’s Ninja-MMA program has it all.  You are not just learning how to kick a bag and do sit-ups.  With our Ninja Training, you are learning to move like a Ninja too.  Though many have only experienced Ninja Training for kids or turtles, this is a realistic and useful self-defense system too.  We provide both the Martial (military practicality) and the Arts (fun and exciting) in all of our training.  So though you will learn to move like Jackie Chan and also learn combat skills for real-world scenarios.


Many people would like to also get a chance to learn grappling or sparring and since this has been a part of our Ninja training since day one, we want to make a clear point that we do include full-contact training as an optional part of the multi-martial arts training.  This is still something you can choose not to do too, as many students will prefer to stick to the Ninja Training which offers a complete and well-rounded system of martial arts.

What Will You Learn?

You will be introduced to a plethora of martial art skills. Our strategy for personal growth has shown to speed up the learning curve by as much as 3X. Following are some of the areas that we focus on teaching from each LEVEL of our program:

  • Strikes
  • Kicks
  • Stances
  • Rolls
  • Falls
  • Body Movement
  • Weapons
  • Grappling
  • Sparring
  • Self-Defense

We also put a solid amount of focus into  bodyweight fitness

  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Breathing
  • Flexibility
  • Obstacle training
  • Core body training
  • Muscle confusion
  • Various drills for Bodyweight fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Health and Diet

Why Should You Come?

If you are interested in learning as much as possible about the martial arts, have an interest in Modern Ninjitsu (or Ninja-MMA) or want to try something unique to shake up your life, our program could be the right fit for you.  If you have other goals (like losing weight fast or adapting to the ketogenic diet) and just want a place to really focus, we can help.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Learn a complete well-rounded multi-martial art system
  • Get into better shape and lose weight fast
  • Try a new diet or adjust to a new health plan
  • Get muscle confusion the fun and creative way
  • Learn martial arts management and leadership skills
  • Master mental skills for fulfillment and execution
  • Practice daily deep breathing routines
  • Learn realistic self-defense tactics and personal security
  • Improve your flexibility and fast twitching muscle reaction
  • Build strength and increase cardio and lung capacity

What Is Unique About This Program?

  • Realistic Ninjitsu that is fun and fast-paced a true Martial Science
  • The option to train in full-contact sparring and grappling
  • Weapons training included (knife, stick, sword, staff and more)
  • Winjitsu Mind Training implemented into every lesson
  • Private Group attention with the founder of NinjaGym® and Author of Winjitsu

This program also provides a complete system in the martial arts. Most programs simply put together various training sessions but fail to provide a full martial arts course from A to Z. Students that want to earn Level certification can do this too.  If you are interested in teaching or helping us to teach the martial arts, then consider our Instructors Training Program.

What Is Included?

  • Daily intensive core private group training 2-4 hours, 5 days per week
  • Open Gym (during the camp phase of February and March)
  • Shared housing during large group camp phases (bunk beds and co-ed)

What Is Not Included?

  • Food (available upgrade)
  • Transportation (available upgrade)
  • Insurance
  • Personal expenses
  • Private Room (available upgrade)

What Are The Upgrade Options?

We offer several Upgrade Packages during our main phase and camp (February and March) and we can usually arrange upgrades for those on a custom private training schedule. For example:

  • Private Lessons
  • Meal Plans
  • Private rooms
  • Life coaching
  • Moped rentals

And several more.

Where Will You Train?

You will train in a location chosen to best suit your program. Usually, this is on puzzle mats over a hard surface for realistic training and a roof over your head for protection against the sun. We often use the outdoors for training that usually includes the grass or sandy beaches.

Please be prepared for flexibility as our program is focused on the training and not the exact location of the training.  Expect to be pushed mentally and physically as part of the training.

Where Will You Stay?

Students should find their own private room, or we can help you to locate a place that fits your budget and needs (aircon, kitchen, in town etc).  We often offer a hostel type of stay too on a shared housing basis (usually during our yearly big camp in February), or Students can rent a private room that meets their needs.

You will be on a program designed for learning the martial arts and developing your personal attributes. You come to learn the Martial Science and or experience a unique adventure.

When Can I Come?

We have an open custom program and private lesson schedule but for a larger group and a budget program we run the Thailand Official Camp in February and March. this way students can begin together for a particular phase. Check with us ASAP to see if there is space and when the next training period will be available.

What To Bring?

Bring a great attitude and items you will need for personal performance. For most people, you will want to have the appropriate gear for where you will be living (clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc.).


1 Week Custom Date, 1 Month Custom Date, 2 Month Custom Date, 2 Month Feb-Apr Camp

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