How to be positive and think positively when striving for your goals.

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By using the amazing creative ability of our minds, we can alter perceptions, reinforce positive messages, and change our lives.

Some people spotlight the bright side of yesterday, today and tomorrow, while others only see the dark depths of despair in all corners of their environment. It isn’t always easy being positive. But you do always have a choice.

You have a choice to either dwell on a negative past experience or learn from it and go on to something positive. By consciously practicing positive creativity, we can balance our thoughts and emotions. This often takes a little effort and imagination.

First, you have to want to make a change and then you can begin to apply and test various strategies. But getting the motivation to move forward can be the biggest challenge. So let’s build up a little fuel before we take on the quest of positive change.

We can do this simply by reviewing all of the pros and cons of taking or not taking action. This is the best way to make use of a pros and cons list. How do you do it? Simple, list the pros of doing something and the cons of not doing something. For example:

Desired Goal: Stretching every day to get the splits:


What will happen if I do get the splits and how does that make me feel?

I will improve my kicking height and have super kicks.

It will make me feel great!


What will happen if I do not get the splits and how does that make me feel?

My kicks will never reach their full capacity or skill level.

This makes me feel bad!

The key here is to get some positive and negative motivators in place that are emotional and strong enough to give us the fuel to move forward. Hopefully you remember the Pain Pleasure Principle talked about in an article of the same title – which explained that we will do more to avoid pain than we will do to gain pleasure. So although we are using a negative stimulator for a positive purpose, your cons list needs equal attention to build up and internalize the motivation for change.

Now it is time for you to make a pros and cons list for positive change. Take the time to do that now and then you can go on to learning how to apply positive creativity to your everyday life.

Desired Goal: Having the passion and motivation to change and put principles like positive creativity to use on a daily basis.


What will happen if I make changes to master positive creativity?



What will happen if I do not make changes to master positive creativity?


When something happens to make you angry (thumbs down attitude) and you realize you need some positive change, be creative and ask the following questions:

“What about this is funny?”

“What about this is useful?”

What is the positive spin?”

I asked why creativity was important in a lecture once and one of my participants said, “To make life less boring.” At which time I had to add a positive spin and say, “Or to make life more exciting.” The reason we keep it positive is because the mind thinks about what you say and thus is directed toward it. If you say, “Don’t get into a car accident,” the mind visualizes the car accident. Instead, it is safer to say, “Drive safely,” or “Stay alert.”

This element of positive spin is very important to our success. The mind thinks in pictures and doesn’t know what to make of words that do not create an image. So if you say to yourself: “I don’t want to be fat,” the brain tries to associate an image of being fat. If you want to direct the mind, then consider what it will be thinking about when you say, “Don’t eat the pizza.” It will be thinking about and thus picturing pizza.

To aid us in making things fit into this positive frame of reference, we need to be creative. If we know how to communicate with the brain and how it works, we can understand why it is important.

Creativity is the mind’s playground.

Creativity gives us the ability to mentally change or develop the image of what we desire. Not only does this help us to visualize potential, but it also keeps the image in our mind.

Out of sight out of mind


Out of mind out of sight

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Using the example given, write down a new goal. Write down the pros and cons of achieving or not achieving the goal. Did you remember to state your goal in positive terms?

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