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Learn to identify your passion and big dreams, and begin formulating the necessary steps (goals) to get you there.

It has been said that if you want to have a reason to move, you simply need to create a goal that inspires you. I see goals and purpose the way I see Fear and Dread. They are from the same tree, but slightly different.

It is the fine line between a goal and a dream. A dream adds meaning to your life. It is something we think about continuously. Goals are steps that bring us closer to that dream. Your dream is also a goal (although much bigger), but let us draw a line for the sake of understanding why they are separate.

Let’s say it is your dream to play on a professional soccer team. But it is your goal to be a better player; to be chosen for the team. Other goals would include your ability to score more points, go to practice every day, and learn the team’s strategy and tactics.

If you dream it . . .

The idea of playing is the dream and the concrete actions you take to make that dream special or a reality are the goals you set. If you are not living your dreams, you can set up goals – like stepping stones – to reach those dreams. Dreams are essentially long-term big goals, but the difference between a dream and a goal is that you want your dream to continue after you have reached it. Think of your dream as a Master Goal.

A short-term goal – or many of them – must be set, reached, and then a new goal set in its place. In my case, it was my dream to teach the martial arts for a living and to maintain a level of freedom in my life. I have never wavered from that dream. However, my goals have constantly changed.

Another important factor with a dream is that it is seen as a visual occurrence. Just as in a dream, we put together a series of pictures to create film-like experiences. So the word “dream” almost acts as a kind of mnemonic (memory aid) to remind us to visualize this long-term goal.

It is still important to visualize all of your goals and keep them prominently in front of you, but there are just some big goals (which are called dreams) that we can’t help but focus on. We are in love with that image – the crowd cheering as we take our home run bow, or receiving that huge trophy. Goals on the way to that dream fulfillment, however, can easily be forgotten, ignored, or sidestepped. This is why dreams are extremely important for motivation. They are the most powerful force in keeping us on track and full of fuel.

More specifically, a dream is a realistic passion. It is your purpose for being here on this planet, and it is my belief that everyone has such a purpose.

I say “realistic” because we want the dreams to be attainable in this lifetime. I believe in the “think big” strategy, but if your dreams are too big and your brain (the Big Boss, as explained in chapter 4 of Winjitsu book 2 – MAK) does not believe it is possible or that you are not capable, you will have a harder time keeping yourself motivated on a regular basis. I know this can seem to go against the concept of a parabola (where you aim high to at least hit something closer to your target), but just imagine the difference between a five- year-old asking for 3 to 10 cookies or a five-year-old asking to drive a Porsche sports car. That goal (if maintained) certainly could attract this dream into a person’s reality when they are older, but it isn’t a realistic option at this point in time, and your brain isn’t likely to believe it.

It is also a matter of motivation. If I set my financial dream using the concept of the parabola, I might make my goal to be the richest man on the planet. Certainly this would at the very least gain me a decent income should I fall short of my goal. The problem is that my brain is going to reject this goal because the goal is not realistic (remember the Big Boss), and it will not release the motivation required to stay on the path. So it certainly is a good idea to aim high, but your self-image and talents have to be on the same level and congruent with that belief. I can dream about being an opera singer or a brain surgeon, but if I do not possess the natural ability to sing or memorize medical procedures, I am not being realistic. Better to investigate my own strengths and talents than set my sights on someone else’s.

Hopefully your dream will be broken down using the 5W Filter (Who, What, When, Where and Why). With this filter you can focus on goals that support positive feelings and needs (values) as opposed to owning the world’s largest hotel (or something you think will make you feel good), which may only offer temporary satisfaction.

For me, I love to teach martial arts and train people in the mental martial arts (Winjitsu). So, if I am teaching and training, I meet most of my dreams. My goals are to stabilize this love so I can do it on a regular basis. This means it has to meet my financial requirements and provide support for my physical and life needs. Living on purpose is the dream, and the image of doing what you love is your passion, which creates massive amounts of motivation and energy. I literally never run out of passion or energy to pursue that passion.

There are many strategies for us to create energy. But NRG isn’t the same type of energy as the principles we discussed in MAK or MBS regarding Motivation. Although it is congruent with the same strategies, NRG is about creating internally linked energy that makes us feel good or prepares us to continuously strive for success. I call this type of energy a Neuro-Reason for Growth.

Winjitsu Work Out

Draw a series of stepping stones leading toward your big goal; your passion and reason for being. Fill in the stepping stone with incremental goals that will help make your dream come true. Do you have the NRG to make it happen? Think about what you need to do to ensure a plentiful supply of internal energy.

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