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How to improve your Awareness

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You can attract, improve, and make anything that you desire in life.

To achieve success, we must first become success conscious.  If your eyes are closed, you are blind to your options.   Your training begins with being aware of your goals, options, surroundings, and your potential.

Many people coast down the freeway of life, not knowing what it is they want and not doing what it is they desire.   As Albert Schweitzer once said, “Success is Not the Key to Happiness, Happiness is the Key to Success…If You Love What You Are Doing, You Will Be Successful.

People lack direction and goals, or worse, they lack enthusiasm.  Has this lack of direction marked your life?  Are you a ship with a stuck rudder just going in circles and never getting where you want to go?

Let’s avoid chasing our own tail and see what the world has to offer, because if you’re not the lead dog, the view never changes!

Without awareness of what we need to succeed, and the ability to change directions when we need to, we cannot achieve the level of personal freedom that defines our success.  How great is your life going to be if you only plan on coasting (often with no destination in site)?

Life will often find a way to rock your boat and when it does, will you be prepared?  Mental Martial Art concepts are geared toward your potential so that you can face your challenges with confidence and reach your chosen destination.  Winjitsu prepares you to face these negative Mental  Demons (what I refer to as life challenges) when they arrive. But until you are clearly aware that you need these self-defense skills, you will be constantly held captive by a truly intimidating opponent.  It takes a Ninja to defeat a Mental Demon, so sharpen your sword with knowledge and training and be ready when the Mental Demon shows up.  Because there is one thing for certain:  He will show up.

“Success comes to those who become success conscious. Failure comes to those who indifferently allow themselves to become failure conscious.” -Napoleon Hill

Part of being aware requires the act of preparing the mind, first by removing old ideas or limitations which you might have about how to succeed, grow, develop, or even how you learn. By being aware and arriving with an empty cup, ready to accept new information, the new you will be able to accelerate the process, retain more of what you learn, and be dramatically more successful at what you do.

Naturally, it doesn’t seem realistic to have tools for overcoming your fears if you plan to remain stagnant.  But even if you are not goal-oriented (and I hope that isn’t the case) you will still run into events in your life that, like a brick wall, will force you to face your fears.  Believe me, the Mental Demon most certainly knows how to find you.

Are you prepared?

It is a good idea, regardless of your goals, to adopt the Scouts’ motto and “be prepared.”  In one of my martial art programs called the Personal Security Course, people are often shocked to hear the following:

“It doesn’t matter who you are, where you work, or where you live, the possibility of being thrown into a situation where you are forced to defend yourself exists equally for everyone.”

You are deluding yourself if you think you are immune to harm, or completely safe from attack by Life Challenges.  Even in a gated community, a secure office building, hiding under your bed, or behind the walls of a church, cathedral, or mosque, trouble can find you.

The key to defending yourself lies in awareness.  Once you are aware of something you need (be it a skill, tactic, knowledge, defense strategy, or attitude), you can then work on developing that needed skill into a Natural Reaction.  Are you aware of the skills that could be learned to improve your chance of survival in the real world?  Are you even aware that it is likely you will be faced with challenges that threaten your survival at some point in your life?  A well trained martial artist is ready to act instantly, as his or her training has become so ingrained that no thought is necessary; it is reflexive.  So it isn’t enough for you to just read this book.  You need to practice these skills until they become a part of you—a part of your personality.

Obviously, when trying to defend oneself, one is not expected to take time out during a fight and take note of what the details of life might be.  You will have to develop the ability to take time out without actually taking time out.  That is to “think without thinking,” fight without fighting, to develop a Natural Reaction or Total Awareness.

We will need to develop this skill of being aware just as you do when learning to drive, walk, or ride a bike.  Following are the ABCD’s to learning and bringing information from our short-term memory into our long-term memory to make it more instinctive. Our goal is to reach level D.

A. Unconscious incompetence

You do not know that you do not know.

B. Conscious incompetence

You know that you do not know.

C. Conscious competence

You think and you do.

D. Unconscious competence

You do not think and you do.

Success Awareness

The first step is awareness and observation.  You must know, really know, that success is possible, because it is.  Success consciousness is the realization that there is a simple and effective support system for a happy and successful way to live.  Your growth will develop from your hunger for wisdom.

It is the way of the Total Warrior to answer before questioned.

With the right foundation in character and belief we can attract, improve, and make anything that we desire in life.  So why is it often so difficult to believe?

As you will learn in “NRG – Neuro Reasons for Growth” Book 4 of Winjitsu, much of this is based on our belief system and/or borrowed views from people around us.  We will tap more into that later; now let’s learn a few basic strategies that will help us kick-start our training in the Mental Martial Arts of Winjitsu.

Winjitsu Work Out

Spend some time thinking about any negative attitudes you may be harboring that are preventing you from being successful, or from being a Black Belt at what you do.

Make a list of negative influences in your life and formulate a strategy for getting rid of or away from them (people, news or entertainment sources, old habits, colleagues, or traditions).

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