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(Ring Finger) – The Internal Power for Achievement

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What is NRG? Stop for a moment and say those three letters fast. What do you come up with? That’s right, “energy.” Energy is very important if we are to do all the things necessary for success.

Facing fears and maintaining our self-power requires massive amounts of NRG. Whether you are climbing Mount Everest, jumping into the river to save your dog, or if you want to get a black belt in what it is you do, you will need a lot of energy. It’s easy to notice the people who have lots of energy; they seem to accomplish a lot each and every year. Where do they get all that energy? From what three areas can you get energy using the science of synergy? That’s right, Mind, Body, and Spirit.

As you (hopefully) learned in Book 3 of Winjitsu – MBS, here are a few examples of what you might do to increase your Energy using the Mind, Body, and Spirit strategies.


What type of identity do you need to create to become and stay energized?

An energized person does not simply wake up one day as “Captain Vitality.” S/He has control of it. It is a choice and a condition that arrives from focusing on the right areas of development. One of the strongest strategies is to learn to become a person that identifies with the mental strategies for having energy. This is to say that you become that new person. You have to adopt the identity of an energetic person. Some people call this “fake it ‘til you make it.”

So what we want to do here is to change our mind-set by forcing the issue. Whatever previous direction your mind was headed or focused on may not be providing you with the ultimate energy producing mentality. So consider revising who you are and adopting the mind-set of an energetic person.


How could you eat and live healthily so that as the days go by, you have an energy reserve?

Cheeseburgers and fries are not optimum brain food. Food is energy; however, eating and digesting food takes massive amounts of energy. The energy level you achieve after eating will be determined by the way you combine your food. So perhaps you decide to conserve energy by putting less stress on the body. Chewing your food more, for example, so your body has less work to do when breaking it up. Eat higher water content foods and/or foods that are not challenging for the body to digest. Digestion is one of the largest energy-draining activities the body can participate in. So naturally making this process easier is going to aid in improving your energy levels.

Energy that you would want in this instant or in “the now”, is also not going to be solely based on your diet, mind-set, and focus. How can you have lots of energy right now? As we discussed in the section on the mind-body connection, physiology can be used. If you change your posture, breathing, and movement into that of an energized state, you will get energized.


What are all the reasons why you want to achieve something?

Determine the biggest WHY’S and then write them down. This will create motivation to fuel your efforts. You could also find others that lift your spirits and surround yourself with people who seem to make you feel even more energetic.

This is an area that is often either misunderstood or simply not focused on enough to reap the full benefits. Spiritual energy is rarely instantaneous.

To fully get the most out of your life, you need to balance all three areas (Mind – Body – Spirit) equally. I feel that having a reason to get up every morning is going to provide you the most energy you could ever get from convincing yourself to perform. The bigger the reason, the more energy you will have to act.

Specifically, energy is what we need in order to constantly strive to achieve our goals. The tremendous effort involved in both striving and achieving requires fuel; energy.

Although you can get started with some basic external strategies (as explained previously) to increase your energy – this book is going to teach you how to make this need for energy something more internal. It takes energy to create energy and the strategies I have shared in the previous 3 books in the Winjitsu series will do wonders to improve your energy level. However, I want to teach you how to have unlimited well springs of energy without having to expend as much energy as it would using traditional strategies. I am going to share with you the techniques on how to create an internal energy generator.

The area (field) of energy is one that I am certified in. Ask anyone that knows me, and they will often compare me to a robot; I just seem to never shut down. I can stay up late and wake up early. I can work on projects for hours upon hours and I can spend more time and energy on a typical task than the average person can. However, I most certainly can (and often do) run out of energy when I am not applying these strategies.

Therefore, it is important for you to understand that I am not unique in the sense that I was born with this ability to stay focused and maintain a consistent and never-ending channel of improvement on my life and business.

I have a lot of energy because I make use of my resources in a unique way. So if you do the same and model these strategies and behaviors, you too will have unlimited amounts of energy and be able to achieve your goals and dreams.

One of the most important things to point out with NRG is the fact that it will become easier to use the more you use it. This is because it is internal energy as opposed to external energy – even though we might build up this reserve of energy through external activities.

As we practice a new skill, we become better at it. Not only does this make it easier to perform, but it also increases our passion and desire to do so. It feeds upon itself.

This is one of the reasons that the martial arts has helped me so much. Each and every class that I have taught or participated in, has been an additional investment into an internal pool of energy that I can draw from at any time. I see this pool of energy as almost a live force – something that is available to tap into in “the now.” As you practice the mental martial arts of WINJITSU, you too will be investing in and adding to your own energy reserve.

Now let’s get started building our NRG Reserve!

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