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Consistent, genuine motivation is the fuel that will keep you moving toward your goals and success.

What is motivation? As I mentioned earlier, I believe it is the fuel that powers our success and without it we can’t move, or if we have a quarter of tank when we start, not far down the road, we run out of gas. Our drive toward success comes to a screeching halt.

Motivation is a necessity. But, you will still need a key to unlock the doors and start the car. In other words, you can have all the motivation in the world, but if you do not have the know-how (and the proper tools required to succeed), you set the stage for failure at best, or outright disaster.

Imagine a person with no previous driving experience taking action and entering to win a rally car race. He has plenty of motivation and a tank full of gas. He even has the keys to the car, but no knowledge about automotive mechanics.

We need balance, but having the motivation to seek out this balance is important. So motivation is not the secret, but it is what will push you in the direction of obtaining the knowledge you seek.

What if we reverse the situation – plenty of knowledge, but no motivation? This is when you know what to do and how to do it, but just don’t succeed because you have no fuel, no energy, and no motivation to get the job done. Imagine a race car driver with no passion to drive, so he sleeps on top of the car during the most important race of his career.

In either case, both can learn (on and off the track). A person of impulse can learn the skills necessary for success, and the lazy genius can learn to discover the secrets to being motivated. So we need balance between the two.

Have you ever experienced days when you slowly wake up in the morning, crawl out of bed, and you’re just not ready to go? Where’s the alarm clock? “Smack,” you strike the snooze button for another five minutes of sleep. Then there are days when you wake up with lots of energy ready to take off. This flip of the coin can be the result of inadequate or sporadic and fluctuating motivation. With the proper amount of motivation, we wake up each and every morning refreshed and ready to jog with a smile. We feel healthy and confident as we know the day will lead us closer to our goals. We come home to relax with the joy of knowing our day was complete – productive and fruitful – and tomorrow will offer even more. Every day becomes another successful stepping stone toward achieving our goals.

First, we must have motivation; it always comes first. Without the motivation we are left on the couch with a bag of potato chips, late for work, and flipping through the channels of the television as we gain body mass from the chocolate cake we’re also eating. Pound for pound you’re gaining something all right, but it’s not what you want or need, which is the motivation to improve, grow, and succeed.

Are we excited about getting started on something this morning or not?

Motivation is the fuel that propels all your decisions. If we want to take action, to succeed and become a black belt at what we do, we need to know where our fuel comes from and how to maintain a constant supply of it.

Our motives for doing things (or not doing them) vary as much as our finger prints or DNA. What moves or motivates me may have you yawning and opening another bag of chips. But eventually something comes along that slaps us awake and has us grabbing our car keys. Whether it is a life event (illness, marriage, job loss) or the discovery of a heretofore buried passion, we suddenly want to DO something. We want to improve our lives, our health, or our bank account. We want to see the world, make millions, be able to protect ourselves, or write a bestseller. That initial motivation comes easily and quickly, like a sudden rush of adrenaline.

Have you ever been so excited about something, you ran around for days all hyped up about the subject? The plot for that novel came to you in a dream, the inspiration for a new business smacked you in the face, or the doctor said lose weight or die.

You tell everyone you see about your fantastic plans. You buy a blank journal, hire an accountant for your new business, or purchase workout attire and join a gym.

Then three months later someone asks you about it is as if it was old news and unworthy of current focus. They’ve realized that your waistline hasn’t changed, publishers aren’t beating down your door, and you’re still at your same job.

Or how about when you make a New Year’s resolution and you say you’re going to lose 20 pounds, clean out the garage, study martial arts, start a business, learn a new language, and travel to Thailand. Next year comes around and you make the same resolutions that you’ve been making for the last five years. Or worse, you forget them altogether.

Find your fuel supply

You may have used up your gas. That initial spark was all there was. Or perhaps there never was a real spark, just a vague idea to “do something” at “some time in the near future.”

We don’t just need to have motivation (in the now), we also need to stabilize it (for the future) so that our supply of fuel is replenished as needed to not just GET us moving, but KEEP us moving.

How can you stabilize motivation? It is not easy, but it can be done.

When you are born, you don’t get a workbook for the brain and a 1-800 number for achieving success. In addition, the most important aspects of our lives are not taught in school. Formal education does not prepare you for survival in the real world. They teach you how to behave in decent conditions. Traditional schools do not teach you how the mind works, how our attitude affects our results. We don’t learn in school how to get into the right mental states for better ways of performing at school or later in life. And schools certainly don’t share the secrets of motivation.

With the principles in this set of books, you will not only have more energy to act initially, but you will also bring balance to your life by supporting your needs with a steady supply of mental fuel.

So let’s put in a full tank of fuel. “Fill ‘er up with super plus, please!”

Winjitsu Work Out

Make a List of your goals, then back up and list next to the goals what will motivate you to achieve them. Is it health? Is it wealth? Is it personal gratification? Is it industry or peer admiration? You will not establish balanced motivation until you get in touch with what motivates you, both now and for the long term.

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