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(Index Finger) – Making it Happen

On the three sections of the index finger, we have M-A-K. You must MAKe it happen. In order to MAKe it happen, we will need to break “it” down into its three parts: Motivation, Action, and Knowledge.

Most of us understand that the key to achieving success is through motivation, action and/or knowledge. But where do we begin, and which is the first step?

Knowledge could easily be the most important part of any action. Would you jump out of an airplane without knowing how to operate a parachute? Could you defend yourself realistically against an opponent if you didn’t know his strengths and weaknesses?

What about Action, as it too could easily be the number one key to success and it would seem rightly so. If you don’t take any action, you’re not going to get results no matter how much knowledge you have. This seems to make a lot of sense. Every journey, even one of a thousand miles, starts with a single step. You can plan it out all you want, but until you take action you’re going nowhere.

Here’s the truth: Both action and knowledge are important ingredients for success, but that does not mean either of them comes first; I believe motivation always comes first. Motivation, however, is not the number one key to all success. Motivation is the number one constant to all success. It precedes action and knowledge, making success possible.

To MAKe it happen, we start with getting motivated and, most importantly, staying motivated.

If you have a car and get in it to drive, putting your foot on the gas pedal is action. Knowing how to drive the car is knowledge. But what’s going to happen if you have no fuel in your tank, no motivation? You’re going to end up sitting in your car on the freeway of life. You will not take action without first having the motivation to do so. So the first thing we want to do is get motivated.

The second thing is we need to do is STAY motivated.

Let’s not just fill up the tank, let’s own the fuel station. Let’s develop our own unlimited supply of motivational fuel to keep us moving rapidly toward success.

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I will do the splits for you too. I provide edutainment events that help you to be a Ninja in what you do. I offer Martial Arts Therapy Retreats on Samui Island in Thailand. My unique Winjitsu Mind-Body system of coaching inspires you to BE more fulfilled and to DO more to KickStart your ideas.

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