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(Middle Finger) – The Synergy for Success

On the middle finger you will notice three creases that break the finger into three sections: the first part will represent an M, the second a B, and the third an S.

Thus we have M-B-S. If you want a degree in life that is really going to support your success, this is it. MBS stands for Mind, Body and Spirit, and more importantly, the Mind-Body-Spirit Triangle.

Saddle Up

When beginning a Martial Science class, after the students have lined up, we give the command for horse ready: mind-body-spirit position. This position consists of standing in a riding stance (feet straight, knees bent, like you are riding a horse) and putting the arms outward, hands and fingers forming a triangle (the mind-body-spirit position).

Once you are in this position, you hold it while mentally rehearsing for the class ahead. The horse stance represents how you need to be in your life. You stand strong and sure. It requires some strength to hold this position, so you are also growing in physical ability just as you should grow in life. Your eyes do not focus on any one single object or point, but instead, you look through the triangle and beyond. I call this process of using our peripheral vision to achieve “open focus.” You are looking forward, but your peripheral vision is still engaged, and you remain very aware of your surroundings. This is also called “situational awareness.”

Looking through the triangle, you are checking to see that all is in balance. All the while, you do not focus directly on one problem or thought (you do not dwell): you look through them with open focus. You are stable and you endure. This is the way of the “Total Warrior” (practitioner of the Martial Science). You hold this position until the instructor is ready to begin class.

Focused Awareness

Another one of the many ways we teach “open focus” in class is to get students into a 10-20 foot circle and toss a small ball from one student to the next. The idea is to look straight forward without focusing on any one object. By concentrating on using your peripheral vision, you can still see the ball and people out of the side of your eyes, but you are not focused on it—the ball or any one person.

So, saddle up. You already have a lot of knowledge and many skills under your belt, but in Book 3, we raise the bar a bit and learn about the unbeatable strength of the triangle formed by the Mind, Body, Spirit connection.

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