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Be in charge – be the director of your own mind movie. Are you chained in a room with your own bad habits? Or have you broken free to live your best life?

Let’s use this strategy and create a mental movie to help us get into action. First, you need to take control. You are the director, writer, and producer. Once you are ready to create – brainstorm the following questions.

  • What is my film (goal) about?
  • What pain will I include?
  • What pleasure will I include?
  • What depth and detail will I include?

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Once you are in that director’s chair with your name emblazoned in it, and have put it all together, play this short film daily until it is a part of your unconscious mind. Now, let’s look at an example of a mental motivational commercial.

The camera zooms in on a person chained inside a room, unable to escape. It is dark, and the camera pans away to reveal that he is surrounded by fatty foods: cake, cookies, and ice cream lay strewn in a puddle of white greasy lard. It bubbles and the food is melting in it. There are beer cans and cigarette butts surrounded by black struggling lungs with a toothpick sign in each one and small flags reading, “defect,” “out of order,” “decayed,” “unusable,” “returned,” or “disgusting.” Beef from the cans drips onto photographs of lives in turmoil –one of an accident scene where the driver crashed into a wall and died, another of a drunken bum on the streets with his only friend (the whiskey bottle) held tightly in his hands.

The camera turns back to the person chained amid the stench and debris. On his shirt are the words, “I live like a cat, so I’ll have nine lives.” Time passes and the person’s stomach expands as his skin expands to adapt to the increasing growth of fat. He coughs, and a cloud of smoke comes out of his mouth in the shape of a nine. It slowly fades into the air, clogging the room, making it hazier.

Time passes again. He doubles in size and coughs up another cloud; this one in the shape of an eight. The process repeats each time he grows in size and coughs up another number until he reaches cough number two. He barely fits in the room now, lying in the stench of his own negative life choices, no one around to blame. He can’t wipe the look of disgust off his face because his arm is too heavy.

He looks around to see the environment he has created: rotting garbage, diseased organs, and depressing pictures. He feels the pain of his arteries hardening, his lungs struggling, his stomach bubbling, and he looks up to the barred window in this dark room and wonders what lies outside. His curiosity builds, and he shifts to try to see a glimpse of the sky, but he can’t. The chains only allow enough space to see the window’s edge, and it is too high to allow sight of what’s on the other side. But he begins to feel a need to know, to discover; he looks around once more and in a tone of anger, frustration, and desperation he screams, “No more!”

With the power of his mind, he begins to work hard to imagine a brighter future and an improved self-image. He struggles to lift the weight of his finger and points it towards the beer cans and photos. With a magic from inside himself and spurred on from his desire to avoid continuing this path of pain, a beam of light shoots out from his hand. The cans become bottles of water and fresh vegetable juice. The photos change to scenes of happiness and pleasantry. A smile graces his face, and he gives a short grunting giggle as he changes his gaze over to the pile of deceasing lungs and their assailants. Again he points, and another powerful ray of light is released, thrusting itself upon the lump of black lungs. They disappear, replaced with a sign reading “no defects.”

A bigger smile appears on his face and he takes a deep breath. Air seems to pour magically in from the window, down the great distance into his nose and fills his body and lungs with life. Feeling stronger, he lifts his finger toward the decaying food and the surrounding fat; a bursting beam flows into the nasty collection, and it explodes into the void, replaced with fresh food, vegetables, nuts, and fish. The fat is gone.

The smile grows as his body shrinks, and he really begins to feel a change. His eyes widen in excitement. He looks around to notice his body is reducing in size. He is losing the excess fat, casting it away to join the rest of the garbage. Time passes to allow the metamorphoses to take place. He is left sitting strong, healthy, and vibrant. He lifts his arm in joy because he has the ability to do so. He is able to stand now to look around at all there is. He sees the clean liquids, the “no defects” sign, the healthy foods, and his body. He lifts his arm, and with an exuberant “Yes,” he tightens his fists and pulls both arms forward, snapping the chains from his wrists with ease. He turns to face the wall bearing the window, and with a scream of joy, he pulls his fingers together into a fist and smashes it down with one obliterating bow. He is left standing on a small hill overlooking the world on a bright sunny day. He breathes the fresh air and absorbs the warm sun as he rests his eyes on a world of opportunities.

If the pain and pleasure principle doesn’t get you going you might need to check to see that you are even on the right track. No matter how much pain and pleasure (or carrot and stick) you give a horse, it will not win the Indy 500 race. So make sure you are on the right track before you run yourself ragged. Many people wake up energized every day to tackle their goals. Most have never heard of the Pain/Pleasure Principle. Many don’t have a strategy for goal setting. To them, it just feels natural. And although their actions may follow the Pain/Pleasure Principle, having an inspiring goal is far more powerful.

It is another very powerful PP principle and with it we can replace pain with passion and pleasure with purpose: the Passion and Purpose Principle. But for tapping into an almost endless level of motivation you need to be living your life on purpose. This means you need to be doing what you love to do most of the time if you are expected to be excited about it most of the time.

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Script your own Mini Movie Commercial like our imprisoned and miserable example. Then consider your own Passion and Purpose Principle. Are you living your life on purpose? Are you doing what you love? What are you waiting for?

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