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With EYE=SKY=BLUE you will reply to the negative things in life with the opposite positive view. It doesn’t mean that you can’t tell people how you feel – just that you can demonstrate the power to control your own emotions. It is an attitude of My Sky Is Blue.

Friends will often here me say, “Keep an eye on the sky.” What I mean is that everywhere you go, be aware of what the weather is and that it is up to you to maintain a positive light and/or a clear bright blue sky.

You may have heard of ESP – well, this is ESB. I call this process of perception EYE=SKY=BLUE. It is actually a simple formula we use to determine how we feel: positive or negative. When an external event occurs, our brains will attempt to determine what that event means to us.

It decides what emotion or feeling it might represent.

It’s not the weather, it’s whether . . .

I use the Eye = Sky = Blue formula to remind me that I really can take the good weather with me. You just have to use a little mental energy to convert negative linked events into positive ones. Let’s review ESB:

What we see and perceive.

The result of our perceptions.

Our state of being as a result of the two above.

There are two basic types of states, which are negative (dark blue) or positive (light blue):

  • Feeling blue can be depressing (negative)
  • Feeling blue can be insightful (positive)

For example, you might receive an e-mail that follows this pattern:

Text that is written to HURT you.

Clouds form and it rains (sadness) – or clouds form and there is thunder (anger).

The feeling is now being experienced as a reaction/result of the above two issues and anger or sadness is now controlling your day.

Ripples on the water

When you have a bad weather day, it is often part of our human desire to react to these situations by trying to spread some rain and thunder of our own. Misery loves company, but it shouldn’t; it should go away and live alone.

Let’s say that you want to reply to the e-mail with an equally hurtful text. But with the knowledge of Eye=Sky=Blue you realize this will only Maintain Your Pain (a strategy used by those with feeling blue which is allowing a specific external incident to control your state of being).

So instead of letting the weather control you (everywhere you go, always take the good weather with you) you decide to say to yourself, “EYE SKY BLUE” which you have chosen to be a positive mantra and/or reminder to look up, that you are in control.

The way we behave is often controlled by these perceptions of the world around us. So in order to get a positive perspective we have to change the pictures we have in our minds to represent a more positive image.

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Think about the email message example, and remember a time when an event intruded on your day that could have (or did) put a negative cloud over your head. Did you let thunder and lightning ruin your day? How could you have maintained a light blue sky?

In order to take a painful memory or image (EYE) and change it into something that will represent a pleasant experience (SKY) and in turn provide us with positive state of being (BLUE) we need to understand how these images are used by our brains. We’ll do that next.

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