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On all planes – Mind, Body, and Spirit – How you interpret events and how well you positively spin them will determine to a great degree how successful you are in overcoming challenges and achieving your goals.

When you want optimum results when dealing with challenges, you can use NRG to get into a specific or conditioned state of mind. A state (frame) of mind is simply an emotion we experience at any given time.

For example, we can be in a depressed state or a confident state. This mind set is important if we are going to do the best that we can. It will be difficult to feel energized or perform tasks requiring energy if you’re not in an energized mental state. How we get into these states is important.

Metaphorically, if you’re in the United States, for example, and you want to get some sun at the beach, what state do you visit? Most likely you will choose California, Florida, or maybe even Hawaii. You don’t go to Seattle for the sun. You also need to know what state of mind to be in when you are going to achieve something and to keep yourself from creating a negative reason or mindset to give up.

Let’s live in the State of I-Can-Saw.

In the realm of self-defense you need to make use of NRG to be a victor rather than a victim. Imagine a sad sack character, bent at the shoulders, defeated before the fight begins. No, that’s not us. We will stand straight, face the challenger, confident in our ability to win. Why? Because we have established the mindset of a winner; we have attached positive winning emotions to everything we have done.

Fear isn’t an excuse to come to a standstill. It’s the impetus to step up and strike.
-Nisandeh Neta

There are three factors which can change your state of mind and the way you feel at any given moment. And remember, how you feel is going to determine how you act and how well you perform.

The first way to change our state is mentally (what you think about); the second, physically (how you use your body); and the third, spiritually (what is going on around you).

Let’s review a few examples of how we currently use our mind, body, and spirit, then we will discuss how the process actually works and how we can control it, even when we can’t control our current circumstances.

Mental Example:

You might think of the time when your significant other decided to leave you and it broke your heart.


The review of such a painful memory will change your focus from the future to the past; from good times to bad.


In turn, your head lowers and you begin to cry.


Now that you are depressed, your outlook is poor and the depression causes you to cancel your participation in activities with your friends.

Physical Example:


You are dancing to some great music and moving your body in a way that energizes you and makes you feel good.

The act of dancing itself changes your physiology. You smile.


Changing your body causes you to focus on that same level of energy and excitement.


This level of energy from the change in body and mind is shared with those in your environment.

Spiritual Example:


It is your birthday and you are surrounded by friends and family who are excited, happy, and thrilled to be around you. This causes you to share the same feelings, and you feel good to be alive.


This feeling of love and life causes you to focus on these thoughts more intensely.


This happy mindset causes you to smile and laugh.

Winjitsu Work Out

In Winjitsu Level 3 – MBS, I went into more detail about how we can use Mind, Body and Spirit strategies to support our life and meet our goals. Take this time to go back and review those lessons titles and sub-text.

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