How to find a career that makes you happy and make your vacation your vocation.

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Once you do find your passion, get a job (or start a business) related to your passion any way you can, as soon as you can.

Don’t worry if it isn’t the exact job you want. Just get started and get close to the industry. You will gain experience and figure it out along the way. I remember working for close to a year with no pay to learn as much as I could in my field. I have never regretted doing so, and I have been able to ride on the lessons I learned for many years.

Since much of your life is going to be related to what you will be doing to earn an income, I want to take some time out to help you discover what suit you will be wearing.

I relate what you do with the question: what is your passion? Making the most of your life is not related to cash. All of my career jobs were created by me. I thought about what I loved to do, and then I took action to focus my energy in those areas. My resume is filled with working for myself.

You may have no desire to work for yourself (although I highly recommend it because you can design your own work and play), but regardless of what you do to earn a living, you should love it.

I have owned my time for the most part since leaving high school at the age of 16. It isn’t always easy, but I absolutely love to do what I do. So when you are trying to decide “what to do,” try to keep in mind that you need to know what you enjoy doing so you can tailor your work around that. It’s been said that if you spend you days doing what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe that to be true.

When I teach my students my system of martial arts, I explain that the Martial Science builds around them as opposed to forcing them to adjust to the Martial Science. We build a fresh new suit of armor. If I handed them an already built suit of armor, it is not likely to fit. I have the freedom to do this because it is my business; I’m not working for someone else and following their rules.

Instead of trying to force yourself to fit into a career that might not be very comfortable, try making something that is realistic, but feels great too. It will require more effort on your part, but if you really want it, it is yours for the making. This doesn’t mean that comfort is the goal. It simply means that you don’t try to squeeze into a pair of size six shoes if you wear a size nine. Your ideas, like mine, may be too big to fit a pre-made mold.

The same goes for challenges – if I have a very muscular student fresh out of the military standing next to a student fresh out of high school with no previous athletic experience, having them both do 20 push-ups is not going to challenge them in the same way.

In working with students with short attention spans or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), it is key to understand that having them stand in a line for long periods of time will be utterly boring. So classes need to be balanced between offering what the student needs while they are still able to increase discipline and improve the skills required in a formal or structured environment. Therefore, we want to discover your needs and ensure that you are able to grow without being limited or punished for who you are as a person.

Winjitsu Work Out

Take a few minutes to write down the answers to the five most important questions you should ask yourself on a regular basis.

What is your passion?

Where do you want to live?

Who do you want to be around?

When would you like to achieve your goals?

Why do you want a Black Belt in that skill?

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I will do the splits for you too. I provide edutainment events that help you to be a Ninja in what you do. I offer Martial Arts Therapy Retreats on Samui Island in Thailand. My unique Winjitsu Mind-Body system of coaching inspires you to BE more fulfilled and to DO more to KickStart your ideas.

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