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Focus on success by using meditation and magical thinking techniques. Always think in terms of positive goals, not negative ones.

Close your eyes and take a tour through your imagination. There is an amazing world in there containing a plethora of magical thoughts just waiting to be discovered, even if you are not what you consider a “magical thinker.”

Every new idea begins as a simple thought, concept, or dream—a seed waiting to be planted. Just as the story of Jack and the beanstalk goes, if you plant these magical thoughts they too will spring forth a reward that reaches to the sky. The results of proper focus can truly seem like magic.

Every great thing that has ever been invented began with an idea in someone’s imagination. From that thought, it took shape, grew, and became the telephone, the printing press, and the space shuttle.

It is called the “law of attraction.” Maybe you read about it in the popular book or DVD called The Secret. (It is not a secret, by the way!) Or maybe you heard about the Reticular Activating System, a part of the brain that helps us focus on our objectives. Either way, you probably have experienced this rule of focus on some level or another.

Accentuate the Positive, Eliminate the Negative

Dreaming is certainly a great way to make use of the creative power of your mind. Tapping into this fantasy world will release a focus that will help you to materialize and attract what you really want. The problem is, that many of use it in the wrong way by focusing on what we don’t want as opposed to what we do want. If you focus on what you don’t want, the brain will still accept this negative image like a command and the chance is greater that it will come true.

For example, if you keep repeating the phrase “I don’t want to go bald”, what the universe hears is “bald” and you may find yourself folically challenged.

Whatever you focus on will attract its existence and eventual reality – positive or negative. When we focus on what we do want, it is easier to achieve and less stressful. This is why going on a healthy diet seldom works; you’re always thinking about one thing, the foods to avoid. Better to concentrate on an eating plan than a diet. A plan to eat (who doesn’t love that?) is much more preferable than the dreaded diet, which is a word associated with not eating and deprivation. When you say you’re on a diet, you are immediately hungry.

It’s like taking a picture: what you focus on, “snap,” is what you get.

So take control of what you attract by trying to focus on the positive way you would like things to be. When you catch yourself saying or acting in a negative manner, quickly replace it with a positive focus.

I think one of the biggest problems of achieving success is simply that we don’t focus on it. We don’t remember to be positive and confident. We forget who we are and let our self-image get tossed around like a rag doll. People get tattoos of usually meaningless drawings of exotic creatures and plants. Perhaps if they got a permanent reminder of how to improve their Self-Image, they might have something that would improve their lives as opposed to something that demonstrates a lack of confidence in their personality. I don’t say this to insult those who have had ink done, but to point out that often the real quest is superficial – to stand out from the crowd and feel important. Usually this permanent act is only a temporary solution for how we want to feel. It could be an expression of art or a symbol of rebellion. Many of my friends have tattoos. So how can we find ways to remind ourselves to focus on the positive?

Make Room for Success in your Life

The answer is to adjust your life so that it has room for an environment of empowerment. What is on your bookshelf? What is on your monthly schedule? What do you have planned to watch on TV? What movies will you rent in the next year? What type of people are you spending your time with? To keep our eye on the ball, we have to make room for this level of focus to exist. We need to assist with creating a world that keeps us focused and reminds us of the good we can achieve. And if you do have a tattoo, make use of that powerful memory aid by associating the positive characteristics you want to have with that image. It doesn’t matter if you have a demon ripping apart your flesh. Just tell yourself that the demon represents removing the acid from your body. If you have a negative image permanently visible, that is a symbol of what you don’t want in your life. Yes, you will have to positively change the “don’t want” to a “do want” association (see NRG section), but you understand the idea. It is not about tattoos, but finding any way to get that figurative ribbon around your wrist or finger to remind you of performing positively.

Winjitsu Work Out

Think about the amount of time in your life for achieving positive goals. Is this a priority in your life? What distractions can you eliminate in order to make time for success?

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