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Never let DOUBT replace your limitless vision of success with one of fear or uncertainty. You are a Warrior – a Mental Martial Artist – and you are not afraid of success.

When we are children, we believe anything can happen. Children think BIG. We create very imaginative and wonderful worlds of how our futures might look, without limitations.

We want to believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and a Tooth Fairy. Dreaming is a part of being a child. Somewhere along the line, we begin to lose touch with our dreams. We begin limiting ourselves and drawing the limitless sky down closer to our heads.

Our environment and the people in our lives begin to fill our minds with doubt, and we start to use a more logical (adult) thought process.

This so-called logic dictates following everyone else’s path, because if you don’t, if you try to forge our own way, you might fail. That type of logic is what keeps most people from taking action toward THEIR goals and can be more appropriately named “fear.” And this fear is converted into self-doubt and in turn gives us an excuse to procrastinate or toss out the idea of taking action altogether. Rarely does anyone tell you that forging your own path is the ONLY road to success. You may survive by following in the safe footsteps of others, but you will not excel.

When I was age 21 I moved to Europe, a very bold thing to do and many told me that I was “crazy.” I had $800 to my name and I only knew one person in Europe: a previous martial arts instructor who had become a friend. I originally made the decision to move to Europe when I was 19, but a comment from a friend was enough to create doubt and destroy my confident image of success and hold me back for two years.

My friend’s comment was:

What? Do you think you are going to just get off the plane and everyone is going to be waiting for you?”

Funny thing was, that is exactly how I imagined it. But after he asked me that question, I began to doubt. And doubt is not something you need when moving to a foreign country (or embarking on any new venture for that matter). The positive image I had in my head was replaced with a different less-motivating image. How we imagine things is extremely important in maintaining a success-driven spirit.

Doubt tries to show you a different (less motivating) picture. Again it is about focusing on the negative WHAT IF THIS HAPPENS as opposed to the positive WHAT DO I WANT TO HAPPEN. But what did I have to really worry about or fear? In any case, taking action or not taking action is a risk. Many of us use the excuse that we cannot afford it. Now, I like to try to believe that I cannot afford to avoid taking action.

Two years later I was reading the paper and feeling stagnant. I noticed an advertisement for tickets to Europe for only $400. It was enough to trigger something inside that said, “It is time for change.” In that exact moment my picture returned, and I decided to move to Europe. I called my friend to see where he was. He was in the Netherlands. I didn’t know where that was, but I told him that I was moving there. He laughed. I didn’t say I was coming to visit. I didn’t say I was coming to check things out. I made the decision to move and didn’t think any more about it. I didn’t want the self-doubt getting in the way this time. So I sold what little I had and moved to Holland.

To cut the story short, I ended up living in the land of windmills and cheese for four years. In that time, I built up my system of martial arts, learned to speak Dutch, met some of my best friends, created ideas for my biggest business to date, and broke into the speaking arena, to name just a few accomplishments. I appeared on magazine covers, in newspapers, and was even on TV. It turned out to be one of the best experiences (and decisions) of my life. That decision was almost wiped out by doubt.

I believe this experience was what helped me to transition from being an adult youth to a young man.

Also, during this period I began writing down my thoughts for Winjitsu (originally called the Mind Martial Science) and I have been offering the tips to my students ever since.

When I arrived in the Netherlands, I didn’t speak the language and I heard time and time again about how unrealistic it was for me to be there. But I stuck with my own image and made it a success.

A well trained Mental Martial Artist is not afraid to take the calculated risk and step onto a new path of personal achievement.

Winjitsu Work Out

Think about the dreams and visions of success that you have held in the past. Write them down. Next to them write down any doubts or negative feelings that you have allowed to replace them. Now, ERASE the doubts, let go and begin thinking about your dreams and renew your pledge to success.

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