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How to get control of your life

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Learning, training, and improving our lives is a progressive, ongoing process; we are never a finished product, and can say, “Okay, I’m done.”

An ACE is a person who is a Black Belt at what they do and one who combines the properties of this excellence to be the best that he or she can be in other areas of life.

An ACE has a self-image that is positive, confident, and goal-oriented.  An ACE is in control.  An ACE understands that they are in charge of their own lives.  To be an ACE, you need to be in complete control of your own personal jet.  This is something you must do on a daily basis.

A jet can travel at very high speeds and break sound barriers, and you too can break records if you apply the techniques taught in each of the books that make up Winjitsu.

Would you like to break barriers?  If you are looking to fly high and be a high achiever, you will need to gain control of your life and learn what it takes to soar.

When people don’t fly their own jet, they are not in control; they are not an ACE or captain of their own lives and thus excellence isn’t a part of their reality.  These “out of control” people are satisfied with allowing other people or other circumstances to direct their lives, careers, and health.

All things begin with a decision

Most people get in the airplane of life and sit with the average, fly with the average, and like a herd of cattle, are controlled by the efforts of someone else.  They follow along and hope that everything goes all right.  I call this being average, or to fit the analogy, PLANE.

Deciding to be an ACE is the most important step you can take toward being a Black Belt in what you do; it is the attitude necessary for making positive changes – it is what separates you from a seat in the back of the plane with the plain, and sitting up front in the captain’s chair.

The average person quits, is predictable, and also less successful.

So let’s prepare to take a big step toward being outstanding and extraordinary, as opposed to extra ordinary.

Ordinary (average):

  1. 1. Of no special quality or interest; commonplace; unexceptional
  2. 2. Plain or undistinguished

Extraordinary (ACE):

  1. 1. Beyond what is usual, ordinary, regular, or established:
  2. 2. Exceptional in character, amount, extent, degree, etc.; noteworthy; remarkable

Get Yourself a Jet

You have the choice to take things into your own hands and say, “I am going to fly this jet, I am going to control it, and I am going to break barriers.” You are not going to break any barriers if you do not get up to speed.  It is deciding that you are going to be in complete control of what it is you do, how you do it, and how you live, from your beliefs, down to your breakfast and the color of socks you wear.  You’re flying your own jet!  You must soar!

A jet must be active; sitting on the runway is not an option.  A body (and mind) in motion, stays in motion.  Like anything else, without constant care and use, it will fall prey to apathy.  So dust off your wings, find the right fuel (perhaps it is this combination of books), and get flying.

Let’s back up a moment
This is important and I don’t want to fly past it:  In order for us to take control, we have to make a very important decision to do so.  You have to decide that it’s your life (your jet) and it must fly.  A decision has to be made.  Being your best or being an ACE isn’t easy.  It takes commitment, self-discipline, patience, endurance, and energy.  It takes being above average.  The average person quits.  Will you decide to remain average?  Or will you do whatever is necessary to be an ACE?  It is up to you.

Remember, I will be with you every step of the way, but the law prevents me from dragging you off the couch and forcing you to do calisthenics or mental aerobics!  Your motivation must come from within, a coal that begins to burn in your belly, forcing you to move, to act, to fly.

So, the first decision you have to make is whether you are an ACE or whether you are average.  Sounds pretty simple, but it’s a big deal, maybe the biggest deal of your life.

Who do you answer to?

I still use the principles and strategies in this book on a daily basis. They are important to me, as I alone own my time and my schedule. This means that each day, I decide what it is I will be doing. For many, this alone could be a big challenge. When you own your time, what is to keep you from sleeping away the day or spending it in front of the television or in a chat room?  Since I do not have a normal 9 to 5 job, it is up to me and my own self-discipline to take charge and determine to be above my average self, each and every day.  I refuse to settle for the status quo, and so should you.

Even as I add this piece of text to my book, I am on a tropical island in Thailand.  I could be spending every day on the beach being as lazy as a gecko basking in the sun.  I answer to myself and yet, I still work harder than the average person who does so under the statement, “I have to go to work.”  However, I do not have to follow a 9-5 strategy when I wake up each morning. I will not lose my lifestyle if I decide to sleep in all day or jump on a long-tail boat to the nearby island for some scuba diving.

Could I survive if I were to close my laptop and disappear for a few weeks, months, even years? Yes, and when students arrive on the island to train with me, I often do just that. Some call it luck; I call it being an ACE. When I say I use these strategies, it also means that I often pick up my own books to read again and ponder the principles. Most of them are a part of me now, but I too can profit from change and updating my mental martial arts.

There is no external force as strong as your internal desire

This is something that I learned a long time ago from the martial arts. I learned that I had to decide that I wanted to be a Black Belt. Moreover, until I made that decision, I was just another kid kicking and punching some worn out bag, dreaming to be the next Bruce Lee.

Unbelievably, I developed my interest in the martial arts from watching Godzilla. I know it is not as exciting as miraculously bumping into a blind Kung-Fu Master who taught me to tie my shoes with a pair of chopsticks. Nope, it was that tail-swinging underdog – Godzilla. He taught me at an early age, that if I wanted something, I had to fight for it. I also learned that we often have to fight for what we believe, even when others are not in agreement.

Life isn’t a competition with others; it is a quest to make the most of yourself and to be a Black Belt in what you do.  It is about the legacy you will leave when you are gone, and it is about having pride in what you do.  It is about being proud of who you are.

Therefore, I made the decision to be an ACE and to be the best ME I could possibly be. Did I make mistakes? Indeed I did, and a lot of them too.  I learned most of my lessons from these mistakes.  You will make them too, and it is all part of the quest.  The most important thing about mistakes is not in avoiding them, but in learning from them.

However, before you can embark upon a journey across these turbulent or tranquil seas – you must open your eyes to the possibilities.

You need to consciously make this decision on your own; simply reading this book won’t do it.  Declare right now who you are and write it down.  Writing things down is the first step to turning a wish into reality.  If you don’t write things down, you are relying on what I call, “luck of the ‘I-wish.’” So let’s be “I am” oriented instead of “I wish” oriented.  Start by creating an “I am” list.  Think of some positive characteristics you feel you might need to strengthen.

I have given a few examples below:

  • I am in charge of my life
  • I am making the decision to act
  • I am in control
  • I am taking charge

I am above average

You can write these on the mirror or post them on the fridge.  I suggest finding a way to write them on a daily basis (such as filling out a Personal Achievement Map as explained in my book Winjitsu) so they do not become commonplace.  The act of writing is a proven technique for mental reinforcement.

In the Martial Science, I use a list of positive reinforcements that I have students focus on during their training. I call them Achievement Beliefs (also in Book  5 of Winjitsu).

Winjitsu Work Out

Write down a few of your own Achievement Beliefs:

I am: ____________________________

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