How to practice in your mind with daily organized visualizations.

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Make CMT (Creative Mental Training) a fixed part of your day. Schedule time for your mental training, just as you do for your physical training regime.

Before I go on to teaching some of these techniques, I want to offer some suggestions for making CMT work best for you.

The first, and probably the most obvious point to make, is that you should practice CMT when you are in an environment that does not require your full attention. Because CMT is very similar to daydreaming, it isn’t something you want to do while driving or operating dangerous machinery.

A Daily Dose

I know that when I daydream and practice CMT I get very involved with my images. If I am driving, I will completely lose track of the off ramps and often miss my turn off. Not a good idea to emulate. A better suggestion is to find a safe and serene environment for this stage of your training.

Also, if we are going to have our creative juices flowing, we need to be relaxed and as stress-free as possible. So setting up an environment that is conducive to relaxation is key. Perhaps just before sitting down for a CMT session, you do something that relaxes you. You could try a breathing pattern, throw some darts, stretch, do a quick yoga session, or take a shower. Whatever helps you prepare, but no counterproductive alcohol or tobacco, please.

Tick Tock

I would like you to schedule 50 minutes out of each day for your Creative Mental Training. If you have to start with five and work your way up – fine. You will soon discover that taking 50 minutes out of each day may very well save you time in the long run. The reason I say 50 minutes is because we want to give the brain a break. If you want a longer session, take a 10 minute break and continue another 50 minutes. This strategy would take you two hours, but produce the most results and allow you to fully immerse yourself into each session.

The best time for CMT is when you can schedule uninterrupted time for yourself. In the morning is great because your brain is fresh, and you can work on your goals for the day. At night it is good to prepare your brain for questions to ponder so you wake up in the morning with answers and are ready for action. In the middle of the day is great, as it gives you a chance to take a break and evaluate your progress. All three would be perfect; but with our busy schedules, you need to find the time that is right for you. If it doesn’t fit well into your schedule, you won’t do it consistently.

Another thing to point out is that you should do the visualization part of any session last if you are prone to falling asleep when you daydream.

Okay, let’s now focus on what Creative Mental Training really is. There are five main ways to use CMT, but you can certainly be creative and come up with some of your own. The idea is to put your mind to use and work on the mental muscle between your ears.

  1. Brain Storms
  2. Tew Minute Ninja
  3. Mental Kata
  4. Memory Games
  5. Personal Achievement Map

Winjitsu Work Out

Sit down now with your schedule or calendar – whatever tool you use for organizing your day. Figure out how much time and exactly when and where you can do your Creative Mental Training. Remember that the time needs to be interrupted, quiet, safe, and conducive to thought.

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