Join our team of thriving Warriors that make our organization successful and fun to work at. As we are growing, we are looking to strengthen our team with ambitious and high-performing individuals. Currently we are looking for people with the following motivation, skills and/or passion.

Martial Arts Instructors

Have you always dreamed of living and working on a tropical island? Do you want to learn important life skills such as Leadership, Communication, Self Confidence, Public Speaking, etc in a non-classical and non-boring way? And do you want to be able to combine that with your passion for teaching people (martial arts) to become a better version of themselves? Then you have come to the right place! We are looking to extend our team of onsite Martial Arts Instructors here on Ko Samui in Thailand to be part of running our operations at the Resort.

This opportunity is ideal for people with the following profiles:

  • Those that do not feel at home at high school or college, but are very eager to learn and do something useful with their lives.
  • Those that are (or are considering going) in the military and are looking for the next step in their career while utilizing and building upon the skills and mindset acquired.
  • (Aspiring) Martial Arts instructors that are more ambitious than just teaching a couple of classes, that want to learn and experience how to set up and successfully run their own dojo someday.
  • Dojo & Gym owners that want to be part of a larger community and want to extend the range of skills that they will be able to teach there students.
  • Fitness and Yoga instructors that want to extend their portfolio of services and skills.
  • Those that are simply gung-ho about martial arts, teaching and helping other people excel in their lives.


The range of responsibilities that will be assigned to you, will be in line with your personal profile, and will expand over time as you grow into the role of a senior instructor.

  • Assist Master Instructor Rick Tew during the classes and seminar he teaches
  • Teach daily classes (ranging from Beginner classes to Special Topics classes)
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the Resort and help improving its value to the students
  • Engage with the students to make them feel at home and getting the most out of their program
  • Be part of photo and video shoots to contribute to the growth of the Academy
  • Improve your skills every day!


As we work with varying levels of instructors, we welcome both beginners and professionals. Your level and specific job requirements will be defined together with you during the interview process. There are several prerequisites that apply to everyone though:

  • Drive to show up every day to become the person you know you can be 
  • Ambition to teach people from all walks of life to achieve what they have set out to achieve
  • Willingness to learn and invest into your education and self improvement


Rick Tew and the Winjitsu Academy offer you the opportunity to become part of the team and gain these benefits:

  • check
    Live and Work on a tropical island in South East Asia
  • check
    Learn important life and business skills that you can apply anytime, anyplace, anywhere
  • check
    Be(come) a well-rounded martial arts instructor, taught directly by master instructor Rick Tew
  • check
    Teach and help students learn vital martial arts and life skills

Online Marketing Warriors

Are you Internet savvy and would you like to be part of an enthusiastic team that promotes our organization and programs to our focused audience? If you speak social media, landing pages, online advertising, video & photography, content marketing and copy/blog writing, than we would like to speak with you! We are looking to grow our NinjaOffice Warrior (NOW) team living and working here on Ko Samui in Thailand.


  • Create and publish engaging & converting content
  • Increase number of followers / visitors
  • Convert followers / visitors into clients


  • Portfolio of references (show websites, social media channels, etc that you have build or run)
  • Technical knowledge of platforms used
  • Affinity with our business and programs
  • Ability to work onsite and remote
  • Ambition to learn and grow


  • check
    Fixed price + commission based monetary compensation
  • check
    Be part of a fun team that helps people BE better at what they DO
  • check
    Free access to classes and events

Event Organizers

One of Rick Tew's driving forces is to be able to help more people to Be A Black Belt In What They Do. While the best way to achieve that may be through attending one of the immersive programs at the Winjitsu Resort on Ko Samui, it is also the reality that this is not always feasible. To reach a wider audience, Rick Tew occasionally travels around the globe to share his knowledge and experience to select audiences. In order to organize these events, we are looking to build up a team of Event Organizers in Asia (Singapore, Hong Kong, etc), Europe (Switzerland, Netherlands, UK, etc) and the USA.


  • Find and manage locations
  • Figure out and manage any local authority requirements
  • Local marketing of the event(s)
  • Onsite logistics


  • Experience with organizing events
  • Knowledge and experience with local requirements for organizing events
  • Local and online marketing


  • check
    Fixed price and commission based monetary compensation
  • check
    Be part of a fun team that helps people BE better at what they DO
  • check
    Free access to all events
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