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As the Nike commercials urge: Just do it! Do something that makes you proud of yourself. Enjoy the self-satisfaction of acting with self interest.

I am devoted to helping my students. I have stood in the rain barefoot in the freezing cold for my students. I’ll spend 10 hours on the side of a rock so they can learn to rappel. It is a commitment I make to them and I honor that commitment no matter what.

At one point (during a rough period in Europe), I slept in a tool shed just so I could continue teaching. Why? Because that is what makes me happy. I know living in a tool shed doesn’t sound like it would make anyone happy, but if you are doing what you love t0 d0, you would be surprised what you will put up with.

Nearly all famous actors have stories of self-sacrifice and things they’ve done to achieve their “overnight success.” J.K. Rowling (author of the Harry Potter novels) lived in her car and wrote on yellow tablets because she believed in her stories. What are you willing to do to succeed?

Self Interest is not Selfish

Another example that isn’t so positive took place when I was in high school and on the wrestling team. I could easily hold my own during practice and the coach would very often ask me to wrestle for a higher position on the team. This was simply because I was beating the varsity members in practice. But my passion was for the training and not for the competition. I dreaded going to wrestling matches and had no interest in competing with other members, even though my team mates would no doubt have described me as highly competitive. In any case, during meets I would lose matches and display very little talent in the competitive aspect of the sport. This performance didn’t match my skills I’d shown in practice. Why?

Looking back – it simply exemplifies the idea that a person must have some self-interest in order to perform at their highest level. Not only that, but the crowd, my parents, and the environment didn’t give me the passion to excel when being watched. I have always been a closet warrior. I enjoy self-improvement without the crowd cheering me on; I prefer my own inner knowledge and self-satisfaction that I’m doing well. I never really was motivated by the fame, power, or money as much as I was the proof I could give to myself that I was above average. If I am happy with a skill or performance, that is all that matters to me. Others are often motivated by applause, praise, or trophies, and that is perfectly all right too.

Knowing what interests you will not only provide you with an amazing amount of motivational fuel, it will also ensure that you are enjoying the ride along the way. Success often requires one to be a bit selfish, especially when your life is at stake.

Winjitsu Work Out

MOLDING – think of a glob of clay that you can shape into a useful object – that is your project. However, nothing will happen if you do not plop something down onto the table. So get it out there. I use this strategy all the time. Sometimes I end up with a big mess of mud and sometimes I create a work of art. If you do nothing, nothing will happen, and nothing is what you will end up with.

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