Achieving Combined Excellence

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How to be an ACE


(Thumb) – Taking Control of Your Attitude

The thumb represents being an “Ace,” and the awareness we need in order to make the decisions that shape our identity.

Are you ready to be an ACE?

The thumb is important because it gives us power – the ability to make a fist and to grasp firmly – and separates us from other primates.

If you look at it closely, the thumb has a crease where it breaks into two segments.   The first segment is going to represent achievement; the second will represent synergy (our combined parts); and a “Thumbs Up” position will represent excellence and the attitude of positive awareness.  They all come together—Achievement, Synergy, and Positive Attitude—to form the main philosophy of Achieving Combined Excellence.   A “thumbs up” attitude, nor any one section of the thumb will do it alone.  I takes a combined effort to succeed; a gathering of forces that when made as one, cannot be beaten.

Most of the principles I share in this section are the concepts that we want to be a part of our everyday mentality as high achievers and self-actualized human beings.  (Self-actualized means flying your own jet – driving your own life forward without depending upon the impetus of others.)

Making the most of you!

Remember in the beginning of the book (introduction) when I mentioned that I believe we all have split personalities and the combination of these personalities is what makes us who we are as a whole?  This is part of being an ACE.

If there were only one of the five Winjitsu Levels I could share with you, it would be the principles required for being an ACE.  I have placed this segment as the primary part of my Winjitsu system to ensure you get the most important set of strategies first.

It has been said that only 10% will read past the first chapter of a book, and in 2007 the Associated Press-Ipsos poll made this statement: One in four adults read no books at all in the past year.

So, in case life gets in the way, I want this to be a book you will remember and will at least spark an interest into an eye-opening awareness of personal achievement and a way to combine these parts into a more powerful whole, just as the thumb is the most important part of our hand and what separates us from being just another animal.

Remember:  Whether we’re talking about the thumb and its parts, or the hand and its parts, or the entire body and its parts, the whole is always stronger and more powerful than any individual part!

Theory or Reality?

This comparison is akin to “street smart” versus “book smart.”  If you are like me, you may not want to hear about building confidence from a person with a perfect background or a degree in psychology.  You might prefer real life experience, believing that it has more validity.

I also relate to the underdogs; those who turned a negative experience or less than perfect life into a positive one.  There are plenty of boring “got it together” and very confident people out there sharing their “secrets” for success.  But I wonder if they ever really had to overcome the emotional challenges that many of us face on a daily basis.

I was lucky enough at an early age to have somehow learned to pack up my courage and take it upon myself to make a change.  To take control, take charge, and take the challenges that life was dishing out.

You can do that too.  Ultimately, it is up to you to take advantage of what this combination of books has to offer, or to go even a step further and sign up for a seminar or attend an adventure camp.  Stop waiting for “someday” – TODAY is here.

In preparation for becoming an ACE, spend some time thinking about how the different parts of your life’s experience might come together to make a stronger you, like the fingers of the hand come together to make a powerful fist.

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