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Sharing for a living gave me a life

“By sharing my unique style of Martial Arts and giving Motivational Edutainment workshops, I have been able to travel the world, meet amazing people, BE me, and Do what I love.  

I want to teach you how to be a Black Belt in what your do too.”  

“Hi, I’m Rick Tew and even though my last name says otherwise, there is only one of me. But…I do have a split personality.

In fact, it is my belief that we all have split personalities, and the combination of these traits is what makes us who we are as a whole.

It is my passion and focus to help others find their key strengths so that they too can combine them together to achieve a greater level of fulfillment in life.”

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Rick has been teaching, sharing and operating Mixed Martial Art programs, classes, seminars, workshops and even Ninja Training Camps for more than 20 years. Rick began to teach officially when he was 16-17 and embarked on opening his own dojo (martial art training school) at 19 before moving to Europe at 21. While living in Europe, Rick devoted all his time towards the development of his own system of martial arts geared around a personal growth as opposed to just punches and kicks. Though there were many names, it eventually became known as RTMS – Rick Tew’s Martial Science. But not only that…

Rick Tew is a leader in the martial arts business and the first in the martial art industry to provide live-in Ninja Training Camps and programs that equally combined the mind, body, and spirit as part of the Martial Art system. Most martial arts offer the mental training as a by-product of the physical skills. This is a great benefit from any workout routine. However, what separates Rick Tew’s Martial Science is that the mental training is its own unique system in and of itself. The programs also offer Students the ability to train in unique and exotic locations outside. If you review the history of Rick Tew’s Martial Science programs you will see many photos of students training outside in amazing locations in Europe, the USA and ASIA.​

Rick Tew now teaches students from all backgrounds how to take advantage of his real life experiences and proven tactics for enhancing one’s lifestyle by balancing mind, body, and spirit. In fact, these life proven concepts were so effective, Rick wrote 5 books on his experiences and created an easy to follow system for life-improvement called Winjitsu – the mental martial arts. Rick has been in the shadows where he was forced to test his metal against the roadblocks that appeared before him. He started from zero in many scenarios and uses that history to teach others that are going through rough new beginnings.

Rick Tew has been life-hacking, leading the path, starting over in new locations and constantly striving to discover that new challenge. He has taught and shared principles all over the world. He has managed martial art schools, taught various seminars, guided students through rigorous Ninja camps and strives to provide unique locations for his live-in martial arts programs for over 20 years in the US, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Public Speaker - Personal Coach - Master Instructor

Training All Types In Martial Arts And Personal Growth. With Decades Of Failures And Successes, Rick Has Something To Teach You

Teaching And Living All Over The World – Rick Is Available For Private Lessons, Speaking Events, and Group Leadership Training

  • Created A Unique System For Life-Enhancement Called Winjitsu Supported By 5 Books And His New BLAST Experience
  • As Seen In Black Belt, KO Karate, Fighting Spirit Zendokan, Fighting Sports, And International Lifestyle Magazines
  • Spoke At Companies And Universities Like HP, Dutch Art & Design, Humaniversity, TU Delft, And The University Of Rotterdam
  • Certified Strategic Intervention Coach by Anthony Robbins and Cloe Madanes at the Robbins-Madanes Training Center.


As a Master of the Mind and the Martial Arts, his concepts are on the cutting edge of personal development. Rick Tew will give you simple principles that can be applied immediately in your life and work. Rick Tew constantly updates his training to stay on the sharper edge of personal growth helping students in these two core areas:

  1. Finding Balance, Emotional Control and Fulfillment to Live the Life of Your Dreams
  2. Staying Motivated and Taking Action on Your Ideas to Master Execution


Rick Tew is the author of Winjitsu (a 5-Book Mental Martial Art System), certified Strategic Intervention Coach, and just the person to add a little kick to your life. He has been teaching martial arts and speaking to private audiences for more than 25 years. Mr. Tew delivers dynamic principles on motivation, excellence, and self-management. Rick Tew is focused on providing edutainment (a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse) by combining his martial arts with his mental arts to form his system of Martial Arts Therapy called, Winjitsu. His performances are truly a unique approach to personal excellence. Rick Tew realizes the power of personal achievement. He believes it is through the combination of specific parts that make a stronger whole, whether it is an inner or outer team.



Rick wrote much of what he learned along the way in his books on Winjitsu, what he calls the Mental Martial Arts. He teaches these concepts in a simplified workshop called the BLAST experience. This workshop summarizes his system of Winjitsu for individuals to maximize their personal power by learning to target their strengths and combine their unique abilities – to make them whole again. This process of Synergy by Rick Tew is designed to help everyone BE more so the can DO more. All Students walk away with the tools for improving the following two areas for personal success:

  1. Be and Feel fulfilled by focusing on your dreams
  2. Be and Do more in life by taking action in your life​

The above areas are what Rick focuses on most and believes that the connection between fulfillment and execution is what makes all of us HAPPY!

Rick Tew's Winjitsu book series


In the martial arts, we have learned that there is a mind-body connection. It is why Rick wrote the book series Winjitsu – The Mental Martial Art. This is also what we stand behind on in Winjitsu. The programs are not only about building a stronger body, a flexible body, a stable body or a body that can endure. The focus behind Winjitsu is to provide you a place where we come together to also build a Stronger Mind, a more Flexible Mind, a more Stable Mind and a Mentality to Endure. Improving both your body and mind while connecting with great people from around the world.

At Winjitsu, we follow the Mind and Body approach for overall student success. Although physical training in the Martial Science already offers feelings of joy and adventure, we also need routine and focused mental development. We provide this growth through a mental system Rick Tew has developed a mental martial art called, WINJITSU. This training in already integrated into all of our other programs. If you are looking for life-coaching or to only learn Winjitsu, then consider the BLAST program or contact us for a custom workshop or training program.

With martial arts training, you might learn self-defense and how to be prepared for a physical situation required for survival. But in modern times, with our challenges being more mental than physical, your mind is most likely what needs to be managed and trained. Your mind power will take you a lot further than your physical power. With the system of Winjitsu, we to teach you How to Be a Black Belt in what you do.


Through this book series, Winjitsu Books 1-5, I am going to teach you how to maximize the power within yourself, and with practical, proven, success principles, how to reach your full potential and get a Black Belt in what you do.

I call this mental martial art and system for success, “Winjitsu.” What is Winjitsu?

In the physical martial arts, you learn self-defense to help prepare you for a situation that might be required for survival. It is a basic human need to feel protected. But in today’s world, our challenges are more mental than physical, and you are indeed often your own worst enemy. Today, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. And this is the philosophy that I am going to share in this books. -Rick Tew

Compellingly captivating!

Rick Tew’s Winjitsu is compellingly captivating from the onset of a young run-a-way child to the exploration investigation of self. Although the Jitsu in Winjitsu would suggest this book to be solely the interest of those involved in the Martial Arts the “WIN” makes it for absolutely everyone! Winjitsu is empowering. Winjitsu is the type of book that should be included in every school and home library. You read it once but reference to it daily. Winjitsu is a gift from Rick Tew to anyone willing to accept it and to those that do, the journey is forever changed.

-Trinity Ann Mcleod


Rick Tew is also a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through the Tony Robbins program and implements this into his coaching. Rick Tew’s complete program for mental training uses modern strategies available today that will help you become the best you can be. 

Everyone has challenges from time to time and many have these mental shadows sneaking up on them on a daily basis. You need a system for defeating these negative Ninja and master your mental domain. 

Mr. Tew suggests you learn to control your mind through life-balance, use of your physiology, and the understanding basic neuroscience. All of which can help you to learn:

  • How to improve Self-confidence
  • How to improve Self-esteem
  • How to improve Self-discipline
  • How to improve Self-power
  • How to improve Self-control
  • How to improve Self-image
  • How to overcome Fear
  • How to overcome Doubt
  • How to overcome Negativity
  • How to overcome Stress
  • How to overcome Laziness
  • How to overcome Loss


Rick Tew is also an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts. He has created an entire martial art system to help students follow a step-by-step course that still allows the flexibility to be creative. Rick uses the martial arts as a gateway for personal excellence and you will quickly discover that he has far more to teach than punches and kicks. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.


Rick will share effective and easy to apply principles that can be integrated immediately into your life. He has real life experience, applied proof of concepts that make him the perfect Instructor for your needs. He can teach you the skills needed to improve your martial arts and also to improve your LIFE if you put the want to change and apply the training. Regardless of your personal situation or background, Rick Tew is the best person to help you kick-start your path to be a Black Belt in what you do.


Rick Tew has been following the above Motto his whole life. While others talk, he tries to walk. This walk began at 8 years old when he ran away from home in Indiana to be in California. It worked and a new journey began. As an early teen, he was introduced to the Boy Scouts and this is what started his love for organized trips to the outdoors and a systematized approach for goal setting. For anyone that has been on the path of a Scout, they might remember the scout handbook, the skill awards and the merit badges.


“I still remember working with my Dad to complete the required number of sit-ups to earn another award for my belt. This is also what inspired me to be a good swimmer, hiker, camper and led me into learning about group activities and leadership skills. All of which I continue to implement to this day.”

-Rick Tew


The ranking in the Boy Scouts is similar to the martial arts while allowing the participate to grow as they so desired without losing sight of the real purpose of the membership – for Rick, this was getting into the great outdoors and why he has taken Students to amazing places around the world like Yosemite National Park.


As a youth, Rick connected with TV shows like Godzilla and how a perceived bad guy was often the good guy. This opened up his mind on how the world is perceived and how the underdog is often misunderstood but can endure and prevail. This is a fight worth fighting for. This development was exactly how he saw the world of the Ninja and what drew him into that mysterious world of the martial arts. Originally, the Ninja were the bad guys and now the word Ninja is synonymous with the word expert and seen as good or high quality.​


At about 14, he fell in love with the martial arts and mainly the Ninja Art of Ninjitsu. At 15 he was already on TV for his skills as they filmed Rick in action in his backyard throwing stars, climbing ropes and going through his obstacle course. From this point forward, Rick has been teaching, sharing and living the martial arts.


Goals were simple at first:

  • Get the splits – done – done and done
  • Be a BLACK BELT in the martial arts and master the concepts of Ninjitsu
  • Open a martial arts training dojo or center​

After a break to study more martial arts and join stunt school, Rick expanded his goals with a new dream to move and live in Europe.



Rick moved to Holland at 21 and started teaching and sharing his unique system of Martial Arts. To say the least, as a complete foreigner, he made a name for himself in Holland. He appeared in magazines on TV, taught seminars across the country, took students to the outdoors and was even offered a part in the most popular Dutch film at the time. He turned it down to spend time with Students while living in Spain. Rick taught management consulting to companies as speaker.


From Europe, he started to think more about his dream to run and operate a Live-in Multi-Martial Arts Ninja Training Camp. This is when Rick created the CMS; the College of Martial Science program to teach students that wanted to learn what he himself had learned after all these years. CMS was born and Rick started the program near Yosemite National Park. Another Dream was accomplished.


Along the way, Rick has started various business ventures and explored a plethora of life-hacking strategies. All of which are taught to Students and shared for an improved life. He created martialartsupply.com from the ground up to a lucrative business which many people copied. After accomplishing his dream in the States, he set new goals for running a program in Asia and decided on Thailand.

One of the quotes he feels is important to learn is:

“Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you have a life!”

Magazine article ninja warrior with Rick Tew
Magazine article ninja warrior with Rick Tew
Magazine article ninja warrior with Rick Tew


Rick Tew in Black Belt Magazine
Rick Tew in Black Belt Magazine 2

Rick has lived an adventurous life. He believes in change. He feels that for anyone to truly find themselves, they must leave home. There are many trolls online that have a lot to say about what they feel is important to the world. Rick still feel that people can be separated into 2 groups:

  1. Those that TALK
  2. Those that DO​

Rick has been on the path when it was tough when he had to sleep in a tool shed, live in a car, struggle through the risks and challenges of starting over. He has courageously started over – over and over and over again. Zero to hero while often times feeling as what might imagine Godzilla felt like. Still, rising up each time to take on the challenge, heal from his wounds and start fresh.

This re-birth strategy has created the opportunities for life that has been a BLAST. Though Rick has been many places, from just moving to the Philippines to starting a business related to outsourcing, he has always stuck to the path of teaching and sharing the strategies for personal growth his entire adult life.



Most students have a story to share about how Rick has changed their life, thanks to the concepts he has packed into his camps and courses. Rick Tew’s history as a martial arts instructor is an open book. His skills and programs are available on video and social media. Photos are available showing him training in countries all over the world. Rick’s books are available online.

Rick Tew in a magazine as a black belt
Rick Tew in a magazine as a black belt


“When I was a teenager I developed an interest in the martial arts. I was also interested in traveling, the outdoors and adventure (new experiences). Although being a “typical” martial arts instructor, running a dojo was exciting, it was only part of my dream.

As I grew older and started to take students training at the beach, in the mountains and on every type of terrain from the grass to the mud. I also took students with me to rock climb, camp and to unique locations out of the city. I began to realize I wasn’t the only one who enjoyed a complete mind, body and spirit training concept. I have since been doing this for over 20 years and have created a system that is not just a martial art – it truly is a way of life.

This is what led me to take my experience as a martial artist and combine them into a system that included what makes life exciting and how to live a dream. I decided not to just have a martial arts style, but instead – to have a lifestyle. And now I teach others how to do the same.​

Here’s something else you should know about me…

I’m interested in working with people who are committed to success! So if you’re serious about living a life that you are in charge of, then I want to work with you. I am motivated to help students improve their level of happiness, freedom, and adventure. I look forward to sharing with you the adventures and joys of a lifetime and welcome you to the organization dedicated to giving you the best!”​

-Rick Tew


Rick Tew’s Martial Art System is not simply a sport or style of martial arts. It is a Martial Science and a way of life. Its strength is based on the student having an open mind. Students, train in many different areas, techniques, and fields under the guidance of mind, body, and spirit. 

The training you will endure is a vehicle to achieving an improved life. The RTMS way of life will always be with you in training or in spirit. We look forward to sharing with you the adventures and joys of a lifetime and welcome you to the organization dedicated to giving you the best. self-worth. Our motives are drawn from our desires for happiness, freedom, and adventure.

At the foundation of every Winjitsu program is a martial art system created by Rick Tew. The martial arts is still the core part of all our programs, however, we realize that people have different goals, needs and wants. So we have a unique program that specifically targets these certain individuals while providing the right level of martial arts and fitness.

Some participants want to learn the old school hardcore system and push their limits in the martial arts, some people are beginners and only want a few hours a day of training while getting the chance to focus on improving or changing their lives. Some students want to practice full-contact combat while others have no interest in getting hit in the face. While one person might want to lose 30 pounds, another may only want a vacation that also includes learning a new routine for a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Each of our programs targets a specific need or personality type. Please note that you can benefit from each program regardless of your background.

Rick Tew’s Martial Science (RTMS) is not just another Martial Art. RTMS is geared towards the enhancement of Mind, Body and Spirit and it is a Lifestyle. We focus on developing a strong character, self-esteem, life enhancing goals, self-confidence, self-discipline, physical conditioning and building knowledge through the martial arts experience. 

The Martial Science is an open-minded multi-martial art system that encompasses almost every aspect of the martial arts, with fun entertaining techniques and realistic self-defense tactics to make it a well-rounded program for beginners and advanced Students alike.



Rick Tew’s Martial Science is a combination of effective, usable, realistic martial arts principles that make it into its elite system. It is a Modern Ninjitsu system. 

Because students are not expected to conform to an art, they can use a scientific approach to being their best. A typical martial art can be limited to its tradition, yet RTMS is focused more on the student rather than its master. It is ever changing and it is not limited to the approach of having any labels, set kata’s or “do as I do” training. 

The student is in charge of his/her training and Self-Powered.

9 out of 10 participants want to join our program for training in the Martial Arts or Modern American Ninjitsu. Since this is a priority for our Students, it is important that we work hard to meet these expectations. We do this by teaching all areas of the martial arts. This includes a multi-martial arts training and concepts that are:

  • Realistic for use
  • Fun to learn
  • Interesting to do

Rick Tew’s Martial Science and Modern American Ninjitsu is a total combination of effective and applicable principles that makes it into a unique system for both beginners and advanced students alike. The foundation of Rick Tew’s Martial Science includes a wide range of techniques that is both practical and effective. 

There are 5 Ranking Levels to Instructor status. Each level includes two skills from the following 9 areas of focus:

  • Stances
  • Rolls
  • Falls
  • Strikes
  • Kicks
  • Body Movement
  • Knowledge (mind)
  • Combat
  • Self-defense strategies
  • Weapons

The martial arts training you will endure is a path to achieving a greater self-worth.



Most people want to get in shape fast, learn a new skill or improve their overall health and at the same time, many people feel like they don’t have the time to exercise or work on self-improvement. 

Our fitness programs allow people with real challenges a chance to escape the 9-5 environment and get away in order to eliminate some weaknesses and improve on some strengths. We also can help you with developing a routine so when you do go back home, you can still reap the rewards of consistent and never-ending improvement. 

Just a few of the benefits from daily martial arts and fitness include:

  • Feel better each day overall
  • Fight the aging process
  • Have a happier outlook
  • Interrupt limiting life challenges
  • Reduce the chance to develop a future disease
  • Increase strength, flexibility, and cardio conditioning
  • Drop the fat fast

Rick originally created our bodyweight training and warm up in all of our martial arts and fitness programs. Before or after class, we usually do High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) what we call a 2 minute-ninja workout following this pattern:

  • 1 minute of high-intensity (near max effort) training on a specific physical challenge or obstacle
  • 1 minute of rest or warm up for the next exercise by doing a low-intensity version of the upcoming drill

Typically, we would do pure bodyweight exercises like Ninja Burpees, crunches, lunges, squats, and push-ups or incorporate tools like a punching bag, kettlebells, exercise balls and gymnastic rings. 

Recent studies have proven that you do not need hours in the gym to achieve the same benefits. Science shows that you can reach your fitness goals with only a few key minutes a few times a day if you perform that training at a high intensity. Believe it or not, you can even achieve impressive results with only a 10-minute workout every couple of days. This is possible with interval and intermittent training.



The Bodyweight and Fitness Training concepts focus on 5 key areas of development:

  1. Strength
  2. Agility
  3. Flexibility
  4. Endurance
  5. Cardio​

Great for Men and Women!

We use bodyweight training for all of our programs as the foundation for fitness and health. Our martial arts uses the body weight and combined with our multi-martial art system, you have a lot of variety. You have a great way to stay limber, quick, and in shape while improving overall conditioning. It is our belief that a good martial arts program is the absolute best way to be fit and stay healthy.

The martial arts also provides natural muscle confusion. Now when you first hear that term you might be a bit confused too. Why would we want to confuse our muscles? If you are doing the same exercise every day (riding a bike or jogging), then you are not pushing the body into new territory. The body needs and wants variety in its exercise routine in order to grow stronger. If you keep doing only the same exercise, the body does not develop. Rick Tew’s martial arts training provides an incredible amount of variety to supply what the body needs. Rick Tew and the Winjitsu Team have created programs that help you to maximize your efforts by including fun and effective martial art skills.​

Here is a list of what we are:

  • Normal people that want to do their best in life, but still stay in shape
  • Fitness programs that stick to the core beliefs of bodyweight training
  • Help others achieve great results and make new friends
  • People that know that doing a backflip does not mean you are saving the world

Here is a list of what we are not:

  • Get ripped quick, steroid, or PE drug abusing groupies
  • Bar thugs that still think standing behind their EGO looks cool
  • A few that only want to SHOWBOAT their new skills
  • People that train their bodies but not their minds

“I have been involved with bodyweight fitness (more specifically in the Martial Arts) the majority of my life. For more than 20 years I have been teaching Students the benefits of bodyweight training. And after all this time, it has only gotten stronger and more popular. Now you see people trying to claim their fame for doing one arm pull-ups, gymnastics outside or taking their bodyweight climbing skills to the American Ninja Warrior TV show. We actually have one of the obstacle courses here on the island in Thailand where we run martial arts fitness retreats.”

Rick Tew's Ninjagym martial arts fitness


In the Martial Arts there is a training concept called “give & take”. This is when you train together with a partner to practice a new self defense technique, a kicking & punching sequence, or a round of sparring practice. One is the “giver” (executing the technique or sequence), the other the “taker” (being on the receiving end of the technique or sequence). Both roles are necessary, and teach the students valuable lessons. They depend on each other, and both benefit.

In order to MAKE LIFE A BLAST, we have extended this “give & take” concept to outside of the dojo. Through our programs we reach a lot of fortunate people and organizations that can afford to invest in making their life a BLAST. Either through participating in one of our programs, or any other way. For some people though, life is NOT a BLAST, and they can not afford to invest in participating in expensive programs. Think young adults from a challenging neighborhood or family, school or college dropouts, people that got totally of track in life.

The GIVE A BLAST TO HAVE A BLAST program is designed to create the opportunity for those people to participate in one of our programs or retreats. How it works is that for every (paid) event that Rick Tew is hired for, we reinvest back into the community, and invite one person whose life is NOT a BLAST to one of our programs, free of charge. We work together with local charity organizations to identify the right candidates for this. Give & Take in real life action and benefiting all parties involved. TO GIVE IS TO RECEIVE!



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