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How Your Thoughts Shape Your Life Experience

See your meaning. What do you mean? Did you know that almost every thought or image that you allow into your perception also has an attached meaning and that this meaning is what shapes your reality? People

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The Easiest Exercise to Increase Your Longevity

I begin my Martial Science training class with breathing exercises. This is the first and most important way to begin your day and we make it part of our morning routine here in Koh Samui, Thailand. Though

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Start by Beginning and Making Decisions to Change

Many Students begin our martial arts training programs with little to no background training. However, what they might lack in physical skills, they can make up with a good mental attitude. On the flip-side,

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How To Get Energy Now To Achieve Your Goals

Before I begin a class in the Martial Science, I have my Students line up to get primed. This is to properly prepare them for a class that will expect them to perform at their best. This isn’t just

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5 Concepts to Consider When Planning Your Life Map

Most of us have a path we would like to follow that will lead us to a goal we would like to achieve. Very often, what starts out as a straight road to success, becomes a twisted, curvy and confusing maze

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Don’t Get Lost On Someday Isle – Take Action In The Now

When I used to live in Holland, I remember seeing a quote somewhere on a poster that said: Vandaag is de dag! It means, “Today is the Day” in Dutch. That was more than a decade ago but I have

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