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Backyard Dojo Part Two

Part Two – Adding a Rope to your Fitness Gym Though it may not seem like a martial arts tactic, a climbing rope is (in my opinion) essential for any fitness gym. Climbing up a rope will develop

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Backyard Dojo Part One

Part One – The Balance Beam When I was 15, the televisions show called Eye on LA visited my house to do an interview with me on the martial arts for a spot they were producing on Ninjitsu. They

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14 Reasons Why Thailand is Ideal for Martial Arts and Adventure Camps

Train, Play and Experience an Amazing Outdoor Adventure under the Sun in Thailand without Breaking Your Bank Rick Tew, the founder and master instructor of NinjaGym Martial Arts and Fitness, discusses

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Work for Training Program

Have a Skill? Get a Discount for Your Live-In Martial Arts Training Program! NinjaGym is looking for a camp assistant who is willing to trade his/her skills during the training for a great discount! Get

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