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YES, I Want To Be A Black Belt In What I Do!

Meet Rick Tew

“Hi, I’m Rick Tew and even though my last name says otherwise, there is only one of me. But…I do have a split personality. In fact, it is my belief that we all have split personalities and the combination of these traits is what makes us who we are as a whole. I call it, Achieving Combined Excellence or ACE for short.

I am here to teach you how to maximize your strengths so you can be the best you possible, and get a Black Belt in what you Do!! I do this by offering programs that combine the Mind and the Martial Arts. Whether you would like to attend an event where we focus on the Mental Martial Arts or you would like to visit my center in Thailand and learn to fight like a Ninja, I am committed to helping you achieve happiness through more fulfillment and BLAST into action on personal goals.”

Rick Tew is the founder and author of, WINJITSU – the Mental Martial Art – and just the person to add a little kick to any program or seminar. He has been teaching and speaking to audiences for the last 20 years. Mr. Tew delivers dynamic principles on motivation, excellence, and self-management. Rick Tew is focused on providing edutainment (a form of entertainment designed to educate as well as to amuse) by combining his martial arts with his mental arts (Winjitsu). His performances are truly a unique approach to personal excellence. Rick Tew realizes the power of personal achievement. He believes it is through the combination of specific parts that make a stronger whole, whether it is an inner or outer team.

Rick Tew is also an internationally acclaimed Sensei or teacher in the martial arts. He has created an entire martial art system to help students follow a step-by-step course that still allows the flexibility to be creative. Rick uses the martial arts as a gateway for personal excellence and you will quickly discover that he has far more to teach than punches and kicks. His courses are for everyone who wants to integrate mind, body, and spirit to access his or her true potential.

As a Master of the Mind and the Martial Arts, principles are on the cutting edge of personal development. Rick Tew will give you simple principles that can be applied immediately in your life and work. Rick Tew constantly updates his principles to stay on the sharper edge of personal growth helping students in these two core areas:

  • Finding balance and fulfillment
  • Taking action for proper execution

Rick will share effective and easy to apply principles that can be integrated immediately into your life. He has real life experience, applied proof of concepts that make him the perfect Instructor for your needs. He can teach you the skills needed to improve your martial arts and also to improve your LIFE with his help, regardless of your personal situation or background. Rick Tew is the best person to help you kick-start your path to be a Black Belt in what you do. Rick has been teaching martial arts and speaking on personal growth globally for more than 2 decades.

Get his full story here…

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“His method of teaching is awesome, very clear and simple. The way his classes are organized are also fun since they are not repetitive. He’s also an overall fun guy, does pretty much everything with the students.”

Cedric C.Canada

“It’s diverse, but simple, fun, challenging, indoors and out. It’s more than just punching and kicking. You get to travel and see amazing places. You get to develop skills that might never be noticed. You learn to be a team player, but have enough space to express your own creativity.”

Ortwin C.The Netherlands

“I’m certain that if you attend you would have learned and realized useful things that would affect your over all quality and level of success in life. You will have learned how to get over your fears, learned to face challenges , you would have learned how to become more of a leader. CMS produces which means that although the students may come here starting at ground zero – if they simply choose not to quit, not to give up on themselves, they will eventually get there.”

Jeff T.Canada

“Its a chance of a lifetime to get away from all the stresses of life and focus everything that you have, on your training and self improvement. What I like the most is the variety of the system -which involves everyday life training with how to be healthy in mind, body, spirit and nutrition.”

Kevin O.Wisconsin USA

“Expect to be taught a highly effective form of martial arts. Next to that you can expect to have a lot of fun doing the outdoor activities like hiking, mountain biking and outdoor camping. You can also expect to feel the sense of group spirit when you go through all the experience together.”

Marco van der W.The Netherlands

“Inspiring, dedicated, enlightened and REAL all come to mind when I think of Rick Tew. His work ethic is first rate and his commitment to live fully and truthfully is contagious. But even more important than any of the above, his loyalty and support as a friend is incomparable.”

Cindy A.USA

“I experienced a great deal during my stay and training in association with Mr. Tew and the CMS program. I have gained massive amounts of experiences, and situational confrontations that have helped mold me into a superior form of myself. I have done more in a few months of being there then some people
have done in their entire lives, I think that speaks enough for itself. Out of hard work in the program I have had countless amazing experiences. For that I am extremely grateful and despite any “hardships” I had to endure it was very worth it.”

Kris B.The Netherlands

Awesome. Discovered your book Winjitsu on Amazon, and I'm really getting alot from it, applying it to life and training. Keep up the good work.

Michael K.USA

“I’ve found I can push myself much harder and farther than I previously thought, and my resolve has increased as well.”

Billy S.Arkansas USA

“I am a 6th degree Black Belt in Karate and a 7 year undefeated champion of Europe, now I am an M.D., acupuncturist, author and lecturer. I have known Rick Tew for 20 years, he was one of my instructors and sparring partners. He is top of the charts in dedication, motivation and inspiration. Training with him is life changing and profound. I would recommend him over everyone else because of his diversity and mastery of the spirit of Martial Arts. He is also a gifted and impressive speaker and can mesmerize any crowd with his speeches. Words are not good enough to describe this man. Experience him…”

Roy M.North Carolina USA

“I’ve learned so much, upon recollection it’s unbelievable. I’ve learned to maximize my memory potential, set and follow through with goals, make the most out of my time, and take calculated risks. I can dive over chairs, flip in the air, climb high, dodge a knife, punch, kick and even do the splits. I’ve learned to relax, be happy, enjoy nature, and not worry about being afraid.”

Nate P.Florida USA

“I have gained more strength, stamina, and creativity physically, mentally, and spiritually. My ability to communicate clearly and with confidence without being overbearing has also advanced my professional life.”

Craig P.Iowa USA

“The only thing I think I could really have to add to all of this is that CMS is an Adventure in life. You might only get so many invitations to take such an adventure when you’re young before you get caught up in the struggle of life as it is today. For me, CMS was a childhood dream…to be a Ninja. Other people probably can relate to this, because Gen X grew up in the 80’s which was the king domain of Ninja’s being glorified thru multimedia. Because your focus determines your reality in life. If you choose to focus on the bad parts, then that is all you will see. But if you take those small nuggets that are just pure fun, happiness, and love…roll them into one big image of what you want, and focus on it…that is what you’ll see no matter where you are.”

Richard N.Texas USA

Rick Tew is the most dynamic teacher and person that I have had the pleasure to train with and learn from. Years later and I am still amazed how his lessons still enrich my life.

Seth T.USA

“Mentally, I learned that there are many different ways of thinking and a strong result of those thoughts are your action and success. Much of what you get out life and what life is going to offer you is dependent on how you think. "
"Physically, I have learned more than I can put into this response. I suppose to sum it up. I can do things with my body that I never knew I could do. I have surprised and surpassed my own expectations many times over. The best part is that the learning never stops and there is always a new level reach and to kick your butt and make you want more. "
"Spiritually, I have had the chance to be a part of something much bigger than myself. I have been and continue to be a part of a team of people that are dedicated to human development and to getting more out of their lives and themselves."

Kris B.Canada

"Rick seems to do things that most people would never even consider doing and seems to make them work."

Bas B.The Netherlands

"Your books really speak to me and I can't wait to get through all of them and become a black belt in my own mental battle that I go through every day. Thank you so much for having written these books. I am more than positive that they are going to help A LOT of people in dealing with their own shadows and mental enemies."

Sandra H.

"He is very intelligent, very funny, very cool, and very disciplined. This rare combination of attributes makes Rick a dynamo of a person and teacher."

Jamien O.United States

"it was you who first told me about the connection between body, mind and soul, a conception that is an integral part of yoga. So you planted that seed that braided two years later when I came across information about yoga. I remember you sent me the CDS and the book that helped me to do my first steps and I liked your deep and all-embracing approach. Rick, I am really grateful to you and I am happy that you simply exist and that you are the way you are"


“I can vouch that Rick really does what he preaches, he walks the talk rather than talks the talk. He is very congruent in what he says and passionate as a result because he has actually lived it. He has a genuine energy about him, and that energy definitely comes from a place of contribution and creating value for others.”

Ronnie L.New Zealand

"We all know we're supposed to eat healthful food. We all know certain things are bad for us. But thinking of it in that particularly way: "keep your food intake positive, as well as your mental intake," showed parallels between physical and mental health that I understood immediately, but hadn't thought about in quite that sense."


“I’ve worked with Rick Tew on and off for a few years now. To this day, I am still amazed at his ability to motivate others to take action toward their individual goals without losing sight of the team’s goals. This in my opinion, makes Mr. Tew such a dynamic and effective leader. I’ve personally witness how he has used his talents in the Martial Arts to not just define his life, but to enrich it and those around him. Mr. Tew has created personal development courses based off his unique experiences and most importantly, these courses are able to be modified to the individual. This to be a very rare trait to find nowadays.”

Kevin K.OR, USA

“Most of my Mind Body Spirit learning took place when I began reading Rick Tew’s articles on his web site. I have learned mental conditioning and mind-body anchoring techniques that I have been using since. I learned to be in total control of my emotions whether I wanted to be happy or depressed. Many of my spiritual qualities were strengthened during CMS as my mind and body were being conditioned.”

Jabez P.Maine - USA

“CMS takes the best of rock climbing, hanging out with your friends, competing in a Martial Arts tournament and BLOWS IT ALL AWAY!”

Bryan O.Louisiana, USA

“There’s more to this experience than just martial arts. An equal part of the program helping you to see the areas in which your attitudes are negative or thoughts are inflexible or closed. Be ready for having these things subtly brought to light. For those unprepared, it can be unnerving. For those willing to grow and change, it’s encouraging.”

Ross KVirginia, USA

“Go for it! Don’t let anyone hold you back from doing what you want to do with your life! Attending CMS is the adventure of a lifetime, so if you think you have what it takes — just do it! You’ll be happy you did.”

Josiah L.Tennessee, USA

"As a person who is doing his PhD in behavioral studies and psychology, as well as having completed several training camps in Europe, I could attest that the training I am having here is truly positively challenging in all ways for one to master skills, knowledge and mindset growth in such short period of time - and then only with practice that perfection comes"

Walid M.London, UK

"Rick has the knack of pointing things out that you tend to forget and motivating you to get going on a journey of finding out exactly what you want and going for it, extinguishing your fears and doubts"


"Most interesting was Tew's discussion on motivation wherein he said that motivation is not the number one key to all success, but the number one constant to all success, preceding action and knowledge, making success possible. If you really sit back and reflect on that for a moment, it's a powerful truth."

Lori A M.

"Rick Tew combines his extensive experience in martial arts with his motivational techniques that will change your entire outlook on life"

Generation Next Publications

"To train and discipline my body and mind has provided me a strong spirit that can conquer immediate challenges (a Warrior) and survive the test of time (a Cultivator). And once under control I no longer doubt my self-efficacy"



winjitsu book set

Through this book series, Winjitsu Books 1-5, I am going to teach you how to maximize the power within yourself, and with practical, proven, success principles, how to reach your full potential and get a Black Belt in what you do. I call this mental martial art and system for success, “Winjitsu.” What is Winjitsu? It is not a sport. It is a way of life. It isn’t about mastering a Martial Art Style, but instead, how to develop a Life-Style. In the physical martial arts, you learn self-defense to help prepare you for a situation that might be required for survival. It is a basic human need to feel protected. But in today’s world, our challenges are more mental than physical, and you are indeed often your own worst enemy. Today, your mental skills will take you a lot further than your physical skills. And this is the philosophy that I am going to share in this book. — Rick Tew

“Rick Tew’s Winjitsu is compellingly captivating from the onset of a young run-a-way child to the exploration investigation of self. Although the Jitsu in Winjitsu would suggest this book to be solely the interest of those involved in the Martial Arts the “WIN” makes it for absolutely everyone! Winjitsu is empowering. Winjitsu is the type of book that should be included in every school and home library. You read it once but reference to it daily. Winjitsu is a gift from Rick Tew to anyone willing to accept it and to those that do, the journey is forever changed.”  –Trinity Ann McLeod C.

RTMS Handbook

Modern Ninjitsu and the Multi-Martial Art System as set down by Master Instructor Rick Tew. This book is for anyone looking to understand the RTMS Philosophy or for a solution to the Martial Arts that includes a complete Mind, Body and Spirit approach while including self-defense, karate, ninjutsu, mixed martial arts, weapons, krav maga and other systems into your life. It is more than a martial art, it is a way of life. — Rick Tew


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